Friday, May 24, 2019

Resume to Quilty news!

It has been a cold rainy spring and I've not been very inspired to do much quilting so there's not too much to show you.

but I did buy a more recent vintage SUV, a Ford Explorer XLT that's very reliable. so here are some photos of what's been going on in my sewing groups.

 We love to share our progress.

Mary brought in a stack of fabrics!

We had a ball looking though all of them and then divvying them up among us!

Sarah has been making good work of her found at the Salvation Army blocks. They look terrific!

Meb is making sweet blocks from four patches.
Faye is making nine patches from scraps that look marvelous!
I  visited my sister, Suzanne's, house and I was thrilled to see one of my big log cabin quilts on her bed!

When I dug around in my sewing area, I discovered that I had over 144 tiny pinwheel blocks that are only 6 inches square.
These are all "Bonus Triangle blocks from over the years.

I'm  sewing them into pairs and will then sew pairs together into giant four patch squares. The plan is to get 12 rows of 12 together for a 72 inch square quilt top and then put borders on it for a full sized quilt.

Sue,pictured above, has almost finished tying her blue quilt top for a finish! Way to go,  Sue!

Hope you're  having fun quilting!

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