Friday, February 10, 2017

Blessed Be!

A big storm and a few days accidentally locked out of my accounts has made this an exciting transition!

It is sad to admit how dependent I have become on the rich life on the internet, but none-the-less, my life is great again now. Big "Thank you's" are going out to my Husband Wonderful, my Plow-boy!

As you can see in the above photograph, there are great big semi tractor trailer trucks that whizz along my street. That is exactly why I am delighted to only allow Miss Emma Lynne to race around in her fenced exercise area. Here, below, you can see her all tuckered out from her romping in fresh clean snow!

As for the quilting news front, not much was accomplished here at Park Hill Farm. Quilts are stacked up as we use and launder them for both warmth and comfort. Here is an old one that was in the way:

The maroon flannel backing, which came from a local thrift shop, is soft and snuggly! I had used up an orphaned block for the label back when it was done.

Buried underneath, sure enough, was my lovely stack of Log Cabin Lunacy blocks, completely untouched this month. I laugh to see them, still nicely starched in their pile, waiting patiently for me to resume work on them.

Although I love making big beautiful quilts, my little hut is quite cluttered and dingy in the interior views.

My dining room table is heaped with his tools and toys and my fabrics, hats, and bags.

Clutter abounds in the dining area, filled with tote bags of quilts in various stages of completion!
My plants grow so fast that often I choose to give away rooted cuttings on the local chapter of Freecycle.

My home is truly happy havoc!

Blessed be!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Quiet Neighbors

It might sound morbid, but right across the highway from where I live, there is a small cemetery. People are buried there with the dates of their lifetime carved upon their stone tablets.

Only one neighbor, that I know of, has deeded rights to be buried there with her husband when they pass. God pray that is many long years from now!

It is enclosed by tumbled down rock boundaries, as New Hampshire is still known as, "The Granite State."

Friday, February 3, 2017

Rest & Recreation

Stay well.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Happy First

The calm before the storm affected me in odd ways.

My lovely pancake breakfast, served with drizzled mini-morsel chocolate chips was as delightful as ever, in the circle of friends at the Senior Center.

Although John joined us for the meal, he chose to skip the quilter's group called The Sunshine Club.

After waiting for brief moments, Madam Secretary joined me in the Conference room.

She took the minutes and I do thank her for that.

At my request, Madam Secretary took two photographs of me; one with,

And one, without, my readers.

With no quorum, we adjourned so that I could hurry along to the Farmer's Wife in Milton, New Hampshire, United States of America.

More fruitful was the aftermath of snow removal and clean up!

Love that Plow Boy.

God bless.

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