Thursday, August 25, 2016

Quilting News!

Although it has been too hot to drive all the way to Concord, New Hampshire for the Friday Club, I did make it over to my Tuesday sewing group, The Sunshine Club. Below is Sue, working on ironing pairs of "Hip Clips" that her granddaughter sells.

Hip Clips are a fashion accessory for your short sleeve tee shirts and have magnets to hold them in place on your sleeve.

They can be added straight, as above, or gathered, as below.

With Sue's wonderful help stitching the rows, Mary got her project of a checkerboard completed. Nice work, Sue! Here's Mary showing it.

Mary also made some really bright colored stuffed animals, kitties and dogs. She wants to give some to her grandchildren and perhaps sell a few at a local crafter's consignment shop, too.

Bev was stitching the handquilting on her big UFO project in teals and burgundies.

Marjorie joined a little late but we were glad that she came!

Yesterday, I received a phone call from Keepsake Quilting's retail store manager, Deb Comeau, informing me that I had placed third prize in their Quiltfest. Yippee!! Thank you to everyone who took the time to go to either Facebook or their blog to vote for me. I so appreciate it!

Also, yesterday, amid phone calls for an elderly lost dog that was found and eventually returned to her grateful owner, I did some quilting!

Below is Ellen, loading my "Nurture" quilt onto her big longarm for me to quilt.

For this quilt, I wanted very simple quilting to let the pretty fabrics shine, so I did plain old garden variety loop-de-loops.

The variegated tan/pink thread that Ellen found was just perfect for these florals by Howard Marcus' Collection For A Cause line called "Nurture" by Moda.

For the life of me, I cannot do an even meander or stippling quilting pattern on the quilting. But give me a song and a loop-de-loop and I'm all set for fun quilting!

This quilt took me about an hour and a half and used two bobbins but, due to the dog call, I was there during the warm part of the day. As I quilted, you can see "Corky" was passed out from the heat underneath the big quilting machine.

Soon the quilt was done! We only goofed up one thing. The rectangular piece of batting got loaded sideways. Yikes, we almost ran out of batting at the end! Fortunately, my generous cutting policies paid off and we made it. Just barely, but okay!

Now I'm wondering what I'll use for binding on this quilt. I need to shop my stash, whoohoo!

Miss Emma Lynne, my lovely lady Labrador Retriever, was outdoors enjoying a stroll in the sunshine with Miss Tanner, one of my outdoor-only kitties.

When we had rescued Miss Emma Lynne, the shelter had given us dire warnings about how she was not compatible with cats. Hmmmm.
As soon as I firmly leash-trained Miss Emma Lynne that chasing the kitties was not tolerated, they all became dear friends.

I wish that people could be leash-trained to be more tolerant, too.

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Happy sewing!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Enjoying The Journey

Busy errands have kept me from doing as much sewing as usual this week. I'm still pounding away on my big Starstruck project from Bonnie K. Hunter's free patterns page. Link.

Thank you, Bonnie, for the pattern and all the inspirations on your blog!

Of course, another ten units for the Starstruck quilt produces more bonus triangles, and that means more pinwheels, yippee!!

When one of the errands was Husband Wonderful's dental cleaning in Rochester, New Hampshire, I jumped on board to ride shotgun and then steal away to Footprints Quilt Shoppe in East Rochester.

While I shopped for pretty neutrals, the little Chinese restaurant two doors down made me two quart containers of WonTon Soup to go, yum!

Love the displays inside Footprints.

Fat Quarter baskets were brimming with unleashed potential.

My fabric bill was only $25 so I thought that showed remarkable restraint.

Back at the ranch, I felt a sudden urge to go back to Sawtooth Stars and I made these two.

The center squares of my Sawtooth Stars are from the line called, "Crossroads" by Jan Patek. They feature what I believe is hops for beer making, but Felix thinks perhaps it is wheat. If you click on any picture, it will enlarge it and you can take a guess for yourself.

Last Tuesday, when I was working on putting borders onto my little "Nurture" charm pack quilt top, seen below, I ran into a wee bit of a snag.

The Moda factory had very nicely folded, beribboned, and shrink-wrapped the four yard hunk  of floral border fabric that I'd purchased from Craftsy.

When I opened it up and cut it, I was thinking that I was going crosswise as usual. Eeek! They had folded the fabric differently! I don't even know how to put it into words, but suffice it to say, I needed extra seams on that border fabric. Beware!

Today I took the remaining piece of the border fabric, trimmed the selvedges off, split it in half and sewed the two resulting panels onto the two long sides of my backing. I was determined to work that matching floral border fabric into the backing. Here is the pieced backing all sewn together.

The center panel is sort of an oatmealy beige that was a wide backing remnant. I bought it from Thousands of Bolts, an online supplier of only cotton quilting fabrics.

The backing is now 81" by 94" which will give me sufficient margin space on the longarm for the 66" by 75" top. I love these fabrics!

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Happy sewing!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Voting News

If you didn't see the update sentence that I had added to the last blog post, I am asking for you to vote for your favorite quilt on Keepsake Quilting's Facebook page. My quilt is called, The Farmer In The Dell log cabin. Thank you for participating!

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The voting will be up for about a week they said.

On another front, we had a fun day at The Sunshine Club at the Alton, New Hampshire, Senior Center. Mary, seen below, was getting some great help from Sue as Mary made her checkerboard.

 Sue, below, was helping get the strip sets cut and sewn correctly.

Sure looks right to me! Remember, it's not sewn yet, just laid out.

Marjorie, below, joined us a bit late but was enjoying the company as she sewed pink yoyos.

Beverly was doing a bit of hand quilting on an old UFO that she's had for over twenty years.

It is so beautiful! And so worth doing!

I was able to get some nice borders onto my little charm pack quilt and I do love how it looks!

Here is a close up to see the fabrics. It is 75" by 66".

Next, I need to scramble up a backing somehow.

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Hope you can stay cool in this very muggy weather. Happy sewing!

Monday, August 15, 2016


There was a one-day window of cooler weather on Saturday and I took full advantage of it. I drove an hour north to Center Harbor, New Hampshire, to Keepsake Quilting's retail store to enter my "Farmer In The Dell" quilt into their Quiltfest competition this week. There is a Facebook page for Keepsake Quilting where you can vote for your favorite quilt. Please do!
      Voting is now closed, but thank you to those that did vote for my Farmer In The Dell! It took third place which won me a $50 gift certificate at Keepsake.

It is a viewer's choice voting that goes on this week and it has great prizes. While I was there, I picked out two potential backing pieces if I were ever to do a smaller quilt and I received a 15% discount just for entering! Win, win!!

The deep tan has indigo stars and I think that it was 4.25 yards by Primitive Gathering for Moda.

The other piece, 5 yards, was a Pam Buda called, Prairie Stitches, that is a tiny floral on a very light piecrust background.

When I got home, I sewed up some more strip sets for my Starstruck quadrants and stitched up a few.

The combinations are so pretty and I love how they are turning out!

These are all from my stash so I feel smug and virtuous about making this quilt, LOL!

It's hard to keep your appetite when the weather is so very hot, but Felix's Chef Salad with sliced turkey, hard-cooked eggs, julienned salami and swiss cheese was delicious!

The outdoor-only kitties have been baked even when they lie out in the shade. Here's Mr. Tipper!

And, of course, there were more pinwheels produced!

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Stay cool and quilt on!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Too Dang Hot!

This week has been, and still is, brutally hot and humid, so I'm staying indoors!

But on Tuesday, I did enjoy some sewing time with The Sunshine Club at the Alton New Hampshire Senior Center. Here's Jody and Sue passing pleasantries while Sue was working on her Black & White string blocks.

These are very dramatic blocks!

Now Sue has enough made to sneak in a little preview of the look. Wow!

Nice work, Sue!

She got several trimmed to put into position.

These are a very structured version of string blocks where every string matches in order as opposed to random placements and widths.

Mary, seen below, is still working on her random scrappy strings at home, but brought in the beginnings of a new project for a cloth checkerboard.

Although I forgot to ask somebody to take pictures of me actually sewing the rows, I did get the little 4 Charm Packs of Nurture by Moda all sewn together into a top. This was a picture that I took before I had pressed it, but I did get it pressed, too. Now for borders!

Miss Emma Lynne likes to be outdoors for a lovely stick-chewing session, something that is not allowed indoors.

But Mr. Tipper really can't see what good it is to chew sticks, but politely joins the fun for a sun bath on the grass.

My progress on the Starstruck Sew Along is very slow due to my bonus triangle interruptions, but who could resist these cute blocks???

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Happy sewing and stay cool!

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