Friday, August 5, 2016

Special Gardens

Yesterday, I took a brief breather from my sewing machine and very much enjoyed the open house and tour of a local commercial flower grower's greenhouse.

The tour guide led us through acres of greenhouses where chrysanthemums, begonias, cyclamens, and poinsettias and many others, too, are grown on mass.

The computerized climate controls and recycled water systems from their private well were amazing.

It sure was warm inside the green house, even at 5pm!

There were special areas where blinds control just how much sunlight the budding plants are allowed to provide the best color and vigorous growth for that particular species. See the light-proof shades on the walls below?

The colors were spectacular!

When I saw all the care that goes into producing these super healthy plants, I was astounded.

There were towers of potted Impatiens!

I would guess that there were roughly 100 of us on the tour, split into two groups.

We all stayed together and learned so much about how things like organic pest controls can enhance the growing process.

This tour was invitational and is only held once a year and I was thrilled to have received an email invitation.

Thank you, D.S. Cole, for an eye opening experience that was so pleasant!

For me, being in the greenhouse is closer to God than being in a church, it is so spiritual.

At the end of the tour, I pulled one of my  Lavender & Rose Petal sachets from my pocket and presented it to our tour guide, "Chris", to thank her. She was so surprised and happy!

As I drove home in the pleasant fading light, I determined that I will never again begrudge any florist, nursery, or garden center the price of their potted plants. They earn it!

On a quilty note, I did get my label onto that big log cabin, The Farmer In The Dell.

This is my garden!

Happy quilting!


Nann said...

What a nice field trip!

Janet O. said...

Looks like a fun and interesting outing. So nice of you to take a "hostess gift" to your guide. : )

Vic in NH said...

Thanks! And on Sunday,August 28, at 1:00pm, they are hosting a huge Monarch butterfly release party at their retail store called Cole Gardens in Concord, NH. Won't that be fun?

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