Saturday, August 20, 2016

Enjoying The Journey

Busy errands have kept me from doing as much sewing as usual this week. I'm still pounding away on my big Starstruck project from Bonnie K. Hunter's free patterns page. Link.

Thank you, Bonnie, for the pattern and all the inspirations on your blog!

Of course, another ten units for the Starstruck quilt produces more bonus triangles, and that means more pinwheels, yippee!!

When one of the errands was Husband Wonderful's dental cleaning in Rochester, New Hampshire, I jumped on board to ride shotgun and then steal away to Footprints Quilt Shoppe in East Rochester.

While I shopped for pretty neutrals, the little Chinese restaurant two doors down made me two quart containers of WonTon Soup to go, yum!

Love the displays inside Footprints.

Fat Quarter baskets were brimming with unleashed potential.

My fabric bill was only $25 so I thought that showed remarkable restraint.

Back at the ranch, I felt a sudden urge to go back to Sawtooth Stars and I made these two.

The center squares of my Sawtooth Stars are from the line called, "Crossroads" by Jan Patek. They feature what I believe is hops for beer making, but Felix thinks perhaps it is wheat. If you click on any picture, it will enlarge it and you can take a guess for yourself.

Last Tuesday, when I was working on putting borders onto my little "Nurture" charm pack quilt top, seen below, I ran into a wee bit of a snag.

The Moda factory had very nicely folded, beribboned, and shrink-wrapped the four yard hunk  of floral border fabric that I'd purchased from Craftsy.

When I opened it up and cut it, I was thinking that I was going crosswise as usual. Eeek! They had folded the fabric differently! I don't even know how to put it into words, but suffice it to say, I needed extra seams on that border fabric. Beware!

Today I took the remaining piece of the border fabric, trimmed the selvedges off, split it in half and sewed the two resulting panels onto the two long sides of my backing. I was determined to work that matching floral border fabric into the backing. Here is the pieced backing all sewn together.

The center panel is sort of an oatmealy beige that was a wide backing remnant. I bought it from Thousands of Bolts, an online supplier of only cotton quilting fabrics.

The backing is now 81" by 94" which will give me sufficient margin space on the longarm for the 66" by 75" top. I love these fabrics!

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Happy sewing!


julieQ said...

Just drooling over your star blocks here! Wonderful!

Nancy said...

Despite being busy with errands, you've been very productive in the quilting department, Vic. Love your cheddar and reds together.
--Nancy. (ndmessier @,

Janet O. said...

You did well in that shop staying within $25!
I like the stars--pretty fabrics. BTW, looks like wheat to me. : )
Isn't that frustrating when you discover that a misplaced cut has foiled your plans? Good save.

cityquilter grace said...

nice pinwheels...and that backing/border fabric is sooo gorgeous...and i saw they are building a new market basket in rochester....we need one down really good cheap grocery stores....

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Sounds like you had a fun and profitable road trip. It can be frustrating to find out you have cut something the wrong way (as my grandfather used to say, "No matter how much you cut it, it is still too short") but I like a pieced border as I think it gives it an antique look. I made a major mistake in my current potholder medallion which will be remedied with yo-yo's in the corners, so I feel your pain! And, I think Felix may be right. Hops is usually a bit more pudgy than wheat, but if you want it to be hops, so be it!

Feathers in my Nest said...

Oh Vic, I think you are correct. Looks like hops to me.
Gorgeous fabrics as usual, beautiful stars, beautiful you.

Hey, supposed to get down to the mid 40's tonight!!
can't wait.

Cathy said...

Only $25? That does seem a bit restrained! I say it is wheat, not hops and whatever it is...the fabric is beautiful. As a side note my husband makes his own beer and stouts and I HATE the smell of hops cooking. Yuck! We've attempted to grow hops a few times but never had much success

Good save on that backing!!! I would have been spewing forth lots and lots of cuss swords (my only vice) before I attempted to make a fix.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Star blocks are looking good--you showed great restraint--glad you fond a way to make the fabric work for you

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