Friday, October 21, 2016

Blessed Rain!

Most of my outdoor photos are taken to celebrate our gloriously sunny New England days. Today we are celebrating the desperately needed rain.

All of the Lakes Region, where I live in New Hampshire, is under Severe Drought, as listed by the weather service. My well is still functioning but we are cautious and conservative with our water.

My very dear friend, Ilse, five doors down the street from me is not so fortunate. Her well is now dry and she cannot afford the $30,000 dollars to have it redrilled. She is using an outdoor rain barrel's water to bring in and flush her toilet. She's 84 and is caretaking Alfred, her 90 year old husband.

Fortunately, Felix had not gone to the recycling center yet when Ilse was here visiting, so I still had some rinsed and ready to recycle juice bottles. I gave her 4 large bottles of clean water and she was so relieved to have it because my water is still clear. June, my neighbor right next door, has water but it is cloudy and yellow/red from the iron deposits in her water.
So any rain at all is so very welcome!

The wind and rain are taking away all the pretty colors and will leave us (pun!) with spooky trees for Halloween. 
Earlier this month, I clipped some overgrowing vines from the back fence of the dogyard and crafted a bittersweet twig wreath for Fall. It has an added fabric ribbon which I sewed for it, and some dried hydrangea blossoms. Had to take down my Christmas wreath that had gotten left up all year, for shame, LOL!

On Tuesday, at The Sunshine Club, Sue was working diligently on putting her white solid borders onto her Black Diamonds quilt top.

And yes, she is taking the time to do it right, smoothing across the center, then cutting two exactly the same and pinning the border onto the quilt top. Yeay, Sue! 
Thank you, Bonnie K. Hunter for your most excellent instructions on this technique. Link.

My young friend, Matthew, still works at the Gilmanton Recycling Center, more affectionately known as, "The Dump." 
We enjoy the benefits of their "Free Room," where "too-nice-to dump" items can be left for re-homing. Matthew found a Singer Stylist sewing machine there and got it for me.

When I brought the new to me Singer Stylist in to the Sunshine Club, Bev exclaimed that she had once owned one very similar machine! I was thrilled to have her help! There was no manual with it, but I will investigate that issue online soon.

The portable machine came with a local repair tag still on it and an ominous clear plastic bag with extra parts that was attached by a twist-tie. I feared that it had been brought in to be repaired and had been deemed unfix-able and so was brought to The Dump. But the cord and foot control were inside the plastic case, so we dared to hope for the best.
Bev fearlessly tackled unscrewing the bottom so that she could expertly dab on a wee bit of Singer lubricating grease on the gears. It took us an hour to get that bottom off, grease the gears, and then get the bottom cover back on to the chassis of the machine. But we did it!!

A few drops of oil were carefully administered to the oil holes up above and another hour or so of fiddling with the various tension controls were really worth our investment of time. We got it to sew and purr like a kitten with a full tummy!! 
Thank you, Bev!! Never underestimate the power of two little old ladies with a screwdriver.

There was some good fabric and orphan blocks trading and flinging that went on, too. We all know that we can bring in stuff to pass on to someone who might be able to see it with fresh eyes.

When I got home, I felt inspired to work on a few more of those Split 9-Patches that were a gifted orphan project to me from my good buddy, Stacey in North Carolina.

These are like potato chips!

I'm aiming to make a couple each day.

Hope that you are well and sewing!

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Happy quilting!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Birthday Blessings

Today, I am delighted to have another birthday! It sure beats dying young, LOL! It's great to be 67!

Friday was the celebration of all the October birthdays at the Golden Gese and we had a great time!
Maureen had to leave early before I had arrived, but she left a whole bag of birthday goodies for me.
Thank you, Maureen!

A lawn ornament Flamingo that paid for a donation to a children's leukemia fund. Love it, thanks!

A hand made knitted dish washing cloth in cotton yarn. Thanks!

A nice big bag of Balsam Fir needles for my sachets, boy, I'll use that, thanks!

A really cool plastic fish-shaped soap drainer so your bar of soap stays fresh, good idea, thanks!

And how about a sign that declares, "Fabric Hoarder?" LOL!! We all screamed with laughter when I opened that one, thanks Maureen, for all your gifts and the lovely embroidery card that you made.

Sue gave me the most beautiful porcelain coffee/tea mug that reads, "Victoria" and a kit to make up into a tea book caddy that will hold my tea bags. Thanks so very much, Sue!

Beverly brought in a fig square which I greedily consumed, having skipped bringing in my lunch.

She has also promised a winter's worth of her famous all natural Applesauce with no sugar added, yummy!

Thank you! Bev was clowning with me for the camera, too!

We had so much fun and Claire had bought a special Rainbow Cake from Walmart for us to all enjoy.

It was delicious!

We had such fun with all the birthday cards and partying that there wasn't really very much sewing going on. But to keep this post a little bit quilty, Claire was almost finished with her pretty Fall Log Cabin Table Runner.

It is so pretty and she used such small logs in all Fall colors.

I think that the name of the magazine she got the pattern from was Quilt Sampler, but not sure of the name.

As for me, I'm slowly hand hemming on the second side of my Summer Poppies quilt, too.

In the lovely Fall air, I did put up my new lawn ornament from Maureen already. These are all the rage here now.

Thank you to everybody for my birthday cheer, even Mr. Tipper, one of my outdoors-only kitties. I am truly blessed to have such good friends both near and far!

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Happy quilting!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Cocheco Show

Yesterday was a glorious Fall day to celebrate with my friend, Shirley, below, as we went to see the Cocheco Quilt Show in Rochester, New Hampshire.

You may click on any picture to enlarge it.

Outside the entrance was the New England Quilt Museum's "Car Quilt."

It was hard to know what to record in pictures, there were so many beautiful quilts!

The Cocheco guild has a high percentage of Civil War era reproduction quilters, so for me, it's the best show ever!

There were small and large quilts that so appealed to me.

There was even a row quilt that I liked, and I usually don't care much for that design, but look at this one!

And this one with the applique was a winner, too!

This batik quilt caught my eye, though there were many more that were also lovely.

Like this one.

This next quilt had been assembled from antique blocks.

There was so much precision piecing.

I reveled in the beauty of each one.

This Magi art quilt was small but very impressive.

My favorite, I think, was this diamond 4-patch, all in Civil War selections.

This disappearing 4-patch was lovely.

Everywhere there was another pretty quilt.

There was a finished Farmer's Wife, too.

Of course, we had some fun with the vendors shopping for me.

Shirley had a field day at the Penny Sale, too.

As we were leaving, there was one last small quilt that I loved.

Thank you to all the hard working guild members who not only sewed all of these quilts, but also put on a great show!!!
Whenever I leave after viewing a quilt show, I am always both inspired and intimidated. The hard part is to never compare your own work to that of others, but rather to only compare it to your own previous work.

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Happy Quilting!

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