Wednesday, September 2, 2015

"Pink Pointsettias"

Yippee, skippee, it's Wednesday and time for Barbara Brackman's (link)discussion about authentic Civil War era reproduction fabrics!! I love today's Manganese Bronzes' topic and here is what I've pulled so far for possibilities.

You may click on any picture to enlarge it.

Such fun to design with these Civil War selections!

Miss Bella and I worked on rinsing the little watermelon dress three times and then washed it in a synthrapol type of detergent to help fix the colors that we had dyed the night before.

Now we are waiting for the little dress to dry completely before we put on the "seeds" which we are doing with a sharpie black fine point marker.

 If you'd like to learn more about how to do this project, here is the link.

-Later this afternoon:

Bella got the seeds carefully drawn onto both the front and back of the dress using a large plexiglass lap board between the two layers of the front and back so that there would be no bleed through of the marker ink.

The seeds took some time to accomplish and I encouraged Bella to go slowly to do a good job.

She had practiced drawing out the teardrop shapes on paper first and, therefore, she had confidence when she worked on the actual dress. I insisted that a proper designer must sign her name and she did! How cool is that!

This is the finished dress with the fiber artist.

The back of the dress looks good, too.

We did choose the "Ultra Fine" Sharpie black marker for the date and the signature.

Congratulations, Bella!!

Our fun on Tuesday at The Sunshine Club was marred by Pauline's injury when she accidentally cut her left index finger with a rotary cutter while helping Beverly.
In spite of my warnings to "Watch your fingers," she allowed her index finger to rest over the edge of the ruler and got cut.
The poor dear needed 5 stitches, ouch! Hope you feel better soon, Pauline!! These photos were taken just before the incident, with Pauline on the left and Beverly on the right, cutting correctly.

Pauline, earlier, was very happy to model her two knitted scarf projects.

That's the teal blue one, above, and below, here is the pink. Nice work, Pauline!!!

Sue, who crept into that last shot above, had a marvelous day doing straight line quilting on her electric blue strippy.

She is almost done with the quilting! You go, Sue!

Below is Marjorie, who joined us a bit late, but is always welcome. Marge is still cranking out those pink and black yo yos for her pillow project. Looking good, Marge!

No one took my picture because I forgot to ask them to do so, but I chomped a few chocolates with everybody else, and sewed on my binding.

What was wonderful is that I was able to finish it after breakfast this morning!!!

Wheee, my Bonnie K. Hunter mystery design from November of 2014 called Grand Illusion is done!

Thank you so very much, Bonnie, for your free mysteries each Fall!

Although this quilt's instructions have already been taken down from the free zone, you may purchase this "Oh-so-worth-it" pattern from this Link.
I quilted this large queen of 90" X  90" on Ellen Peters' rented longarm with a simple hearts and loops freehand design. It might be easier to see the quilting on the back?

 I have yet to make a label which will credit Bonnie K. Hunter, but I think that I'd like to call this "Pink Poinsettias."

I just love how it came out!!

I'm hoping to post to the Binding Blitz over at Juliekquilts when she puts it up, or did she say we are skipping August? Not sure that I recall, LOL!

In the meantime, I'm linking with A Lovely Year Of Sewbittersweet designs. link.

Happy quilting!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Watermelon Dress

Today was a fun day of dying a watermelon dress for Bella's 7 year old daughter who lives with her father.

We used a ready made white cotton dress from Dharma Trading and all their dye stuffs, too. Here is the Link.
First was a little green dye for the watermelon rind towards the base of the dress.

Bella did a great job of following Dharma's instructions!

We were surprised at how much red dye it took to do both the front and back of the little dress.

After all the dye had been carefully sponge-brushed onto the wet dress, we gently turned the big kitchen trash bag inside out to enclose the dress for it's overnight resting/soaking period down cellar.

We had fun and can't wait to see it when it's all finished!

This post is linked to Love Laugh Quilt's linky party! Link.

Hope you got to do some fun projects today, too!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Cooler Times

Here in New Hampshire, we were all breathing a huge sigh of relief that the thick, hot, muggy air has, at last, been swept away by a wonderful Canadian High! Cool and refreshing breezes danced in the sunlight and made you glad to be alive.

Below is the Upstairs Group of the Friday Quilters with Claire at The Golden Gese Quilt Shop on 22 Liberty Street in Concord, New Hampshire.

We all work on our own projects, with or without our sewing machines, help each other out if we can, and share a story or a giggle.

From the Downstairs Gang, Maureen was hard at work designing a pouch for her beloved granddaughter, Ashley.

Maureen did this name piece on her embroidery machine. Really nice!

Sue was off at a family gathering for a loved one who had passed away, but Beverly, seen below,
was making progress on her circles design.

As she struggled with the layout of patterns, she made a decision to leave off the blocks that had any of the bright white.

We all liked it better without the white! Do you, too? Below is what it began to look like without the white blocks.

I have loaned Beverly my pair of "Red Glasses" for viewing those tricky value placements as this is very much a work in progress.
There are many more blocks to be made and Bev liked my suggestion that she might make pillow shams from the now-leftover white blocks.

As for me, I was lazier than usual and only finished stitching up a pair of Civil War pillowcases that feature a Mary Koval magenta madder paisley.

I was pleased to get them finished and to have used two yards of stash in a quick but inspired way.

The cheddar accents are a Judy Rothermel and you may click on any picture to enlarge it.

Before I go, I'd like to share a photo of two very dear friends of mine that I introduced to each other. On the left, is Frances, who is 99 years young and still enjoys a glass of wine now and then, but she quit smoking cigarettes when she was 85. 
And on the right, is my neighbor, Ilse, who at 83 is single handedly caring for her failing husband, Alfred (89), as well as keeping chickens and raising a great garden. These two remarkable women are my role models for graceful aging and I love them for it!

I had a few "Stars In A Time Warp" (link) blocks that got forgotten and here they are for you:

Happy quilting!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Magical Window Screens?

Ahhhh, turkey reds are on the discussion over at Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilts blog.

It was delightful to be temporarily distracted from the intensely muggy air that seems to make the damned houseflies appear and constantly land upon you. Yes, that's right, I'm still trying to go without the AC when the temps are only in the 70's.

I had fun downstairs in the cool of the cellar but I refused to run the iron to press the above block!
Some other time, perhaps? 

Those reds were found in one of my ancient hoards of plastic scrap bags from Keepsake Quilting's Annual Tent Sale. If you happened to have missed that post, here is a link back to it so you can vicariously enjoy the fun of the hunt for bargain-priced quilting cottons. Link.

On Tuesday, yesterday, The Sunshine Club met at The Alton, New Hampshire Senior Center, and we enjoyed seeing each other's progress.

Beverly, above, has decided to use a classic black solid background for her soccer-based Tee shirt quilt for her grandson's high school graduation next year. She tried auditioning it and liked it!

Sue made great strides on her electric blue strippy quilt and already had it sandwiched and pin basted from home.

Sue was quilting merrily along and doing a great job at it!

You go, girl!

Before leaving, I gave a brief demonstration of the "Sausage Roll" pillowcase construction. There were no pictures of that, but if you wish to view the tutorial here is the link.

The reason that I left early is because I also join up with the Evergreen hand-sewing circle on the last Tuesday of each month.
Below you can see that I'm working on my hand hemming of my binding of Grand Illusion designed by Bonnie K. Hunter. Her pattern can be purchased here. It is soooo worth it! Thank you, Bonnie!

We had a great time sewing and chatting and even chomped a little chocolate, too! Our hostess, Camille, who owns the Evergreen Country Primitives Quilt Shop, had a sale basket of lovely Civil War cottons.

They had been precut into one-yard hunks that were priced at $5.25 each. Wheeeee! Those two fat quarters were at her regular price of $3.50 each, but who could resist those cuties???? Click to enlarge the picture.

Today, Matthew's fiance, Bella, celebrated her 27th birthday and we all wished her well! I took this photo of the dew at dawn on a cobweb for her card. Isn't nature spectacular?

Lastly, before I go, one more random pinwheel block snuck in here. Who left that window open?

I say keep the houseflies out, but let the random silly quilt blocks fly into your sewing room! Now those would be truly magical window screens, wouldn't they?

Happy quilting!

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