Saturday, October 1, 2016

New To Me

One non-quilty event that happened this week was that we bought a used car from a friend of a friend.

It needs some repairs to pass inspection by the State of New Hampshire, so we will not register it immediately. We're thrilled to own another Mercury Marquis and this one is a 1997.

It photographs black but is actually a midnight blue with teal undertones.

There was a dearth of sunshine in the past few days, but I did finish and photograph "Nurture" my little 65" by 75" charm pack quilt from Moda.

Everybody who sees this quilt falls in love with the border fabric which was also from the same Howard Marcus designed line, Collections For A Cause.

It's over-the-top feminine and I just love it!

My clothesline sags a bit like my bustline. In truth, the backing below is really more evenly distributed of the three fabric panels that I cobbled together.

Can you see the quilting detail on the back's center panel? You may click to enlarge any photo.

The simple loop de loops allow the fabrics to shine without upstaging them. It's also very easy to do. I like easy!

This will be a lovely cuddle quilt!

Now it just needs a label!

The other thing that I was able to get finished was my pair of Judie Rothermel Dressing Gowns pillow cases, whoohoo!

Since a finish calls for a new start, let me share an orphan and some neat HST's that my friend Stacey sent to me.

It's a split nine patch all started with over twenty blocks!!! Yippee! Thank you, Stacey!

I'd wanted to start one of these three years ago when Bonnie Hunter had it as her summer challenge, but I never got it begun.

What's even better is that at my Alton, New Hampshire Senior Center sew club, I've promised to do an instructional lesson on HST's, so this is perfect timing!

Happy sewing!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

First Frost!

As the weather has turned beautifully brisk, I have felt better and better and more energized. Last night we had our first frost! Today was the last Tuesday of the month, so I enjoyed my two bees on one day.

Bev and Sue were hard at work tuning up a new to us sewing machine at The Sunshine Club at the Alton, New Hampshire Senior Center.

As for me, I poked along on my binding for my Nurture quilt that has been neglected when I felt too ill with that coughing cold. I seem to be mostly over it now, and thanks for all the sympathetic comments from you all.

When I got down to The Evergreen Quilt Shop in Milton, New Hampshire, owner Camille, seen below, had show and tell to see. Look at this pretty miniature! Those flowers are actually small maroon buttons, cute! You may click on any picture to enlarge it.

Camille was also working on a table runner done in three parts. Here is the unfinished center section.

There are crescent shaped embroidered panels that will be attached to the shorter ends.

Sue was doing one of her very pretty applique pieces. Good job!!

Earlier in the week, on Sunday, I took a big UFO project in to Ellen Peters' Cat's Whiskers Studio to quilt it myself on the rented longarm quilting machine. Here is where we were just getting it loaded.

This is a floral 16 Patch with sashing stars that was a design of my own invention. It pre-dates my current obsession with Civil War reproduction fabrics, as you can see.

It is poppy orange, light yellow, and garden greens. Many of the fabrics are older Robyn Pandolf creations. If you look at the picture above, you can catch a glimpse of the backing on the upper roller. It is a Florentine scroll printed green flannel that I'd been saving just for this quilt.

In the spirit of happy summer flowers, I quilted it in my free hand hearts and loops in a pale green thread.

It is a big 85" square queen sized quilt with big green borders, so I've picked out a nice green binding fabric.

The photo above is true to the colors of the quilt, but the photo below is not and was taken without the flash to allow you to view the quilting pattern better.

It was an hour and a half to get it quilted and I was tired and happy to go home and get an iced coffee!

My big rosemary plant needed to be brought indoors due to a predicted frost. This is the plant that is blooming from a full summer of sun-drenched deck living, wheee! And that is nosy Mr. Tipper looking on and all curious as to what was happening.

Lastly, I wanted to mention that I sold quite a few tickets to the raffle quilt on Saturday out in front of the Iron Works Market, with permission from the owner. Tickets are 3 for $10, and 10 tickets for $20. Please let me know if you'd like to use Paypal to participate in the November 18th drawing.

Proceeds are to benefit the Senior Center, thank you!!

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Easy Things

Although I'm still a wee bit croaky, I'm well enough to enjoy sewing again. I went to Friday Quilters at The Golden Gese quilt shop on 22 Liberty Street in Concord, New Hampshire.

Maureen was there working on her sashing stars patriotic quilt from Missouri Star Quilt Company.

Those stars are a solid blue, not black and they look terrific!

Sue, below, was celebrating a birthday this week and was putting the finishing touches onto an adorable Halloween wall hanging. So cute!!

I cut, laid out, and pinned a pair of Sausage Roll pillowcases in some fabrics that came in from Hancock's Of Paducah, seen below. That's a Judie Rothermel floral from her Dressing Gowns line by Marcus Brothers Textiles and the pink is a Karen Styles called Loire Valley.

When I got home, I did do a few more red and brown quadrant units for Starstruck from the Bonnie K. Hunter free patterns tab. Thank you, Bonnie! Link.

This is what a block would look like, but I'm not assembling them yet.

Of course, that meant pinwheels from the bonus triangles, wheeee!

Lastly, I wanted to share with you an idea that's only semi-quilty. I took a vase of hydrangeas and bachelor buttons to my neighbor but the vase seemed a little blah. Sewing up a width-of-fabric two inch wide ribbon and top stitching it for a bow made all the difference!

Now if I could only get my Fall bittersweet wreath finished, too!

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Happy sewing!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday Musings

Yesterday we bid a fond farewell to our temporary house guest, Miss Fiona, the stray dog who's owner, Marla, was visiting her elderly grandmother in New Mexico.

Oh, the joy and rapture of their reunion was priceless! Miss Emma Lynne, my own dear lady black labrador, seemed sorry to see her playmate go.

They sure were funny together!

As for  me, I'm recovering nicely from this heavy chest cold, but I still cannot smell or taste anything.
Felix's always-delicious home made pizza was lost on me. I think that I could taste the pepperoni.

I did go downstairs and sew a little bit on my Starstruck quadrants. Link.

And, of course, I sewed some of the bonus triangles into a pinwheel block.

Sunday was the last day of the three day "Yard Sale" at Keepsake Quilting's retail store and I did NOT want to miss it.

After all, I had this cool 3rd Place Prize of a $50 gift certificate from their Quiltfest Celebration back in August.

This is my quilt that won. Thank you all for voting for me!

When I got there, there were a bazillion bolts at which to poke through and gape.

It was such fun to wonder which ones to choose!

My personal preference for Civil War reproduction fabrics helped me to filter the choices.

But there was a pretty floral here and there that jumped into my armload of selected bolts.

Soon I had brought 12 bolts to the cutting desk!

With all my discounts for the sale, plus the gift certificate, I wrote a check for $9.50!!! Whoo hoo!!

Now if I can just convince my outdoors-only kitties that it is safe to come back home because Miss Emma Lynne loves them.

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Stay well and sew on!

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