Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday And Scrambling

From scrambling breakfast eggs, to scrambling for a parking space at The Golden Gese Quilt Shop (22 Liberty Street, Concord, New Hampshire), to scrambling to pay off our steep New Hampshire property taxes on the farm this afternoon, my day was full of scrambling!

The Friday Quilters were gathered around inside for sewing, chomping chocolates, chatting, and showing & sharing. When I came in, (from left to right) Claire, Kim, and Heidi were already sewing up a storm.

Downstairs at The Golden Gese, was Barbara from Maine, who was adding more length to her awesome scrappy bricks top. She wants the bricks to flow horizontally across the bed.

All the scraps are from her own stash. There are many Civil War historical reproductions as well as lovely florals that caught my eye. Just look at the richness of all the different fabrics!!! (You may click on any photo to enlarge it for better viewing.)

"Puppy Mom" Beverly was there with our darling mascot, "Yoda."

I must, here & now, print my most humble retraction for having called Yoda part Shitzu. Dear me, he is Yorkshire Terrier and Silky Terrier, now how could I have made such a gross mistake?
Perfect gentleman that he is, I was already forgiven by today. What a good little guy! Actually, at less than 5 months old, he was only interested in his toy, LOL!

Bev was busy trying out arrangements for the layout of her crayon box blocks, and Barbara from Maine was helping Beverly out by suggesting new possibilities.

The big layout table is so handy and we are all very grateful to our hostess, Nancy Gesen, for allowing us to use it during times that the rooms are not booked with quilting classes.

 Beverly and Barbara tried this arrangement for a while, but didn't like the doubled white lines.

Once Beverly settled upon her final choice, she determined that she wanted some extra white strips sewn on along the bottom edge to complete the design.

Darlene and Marianne concurred with her choice. Don't you just love the diagonals set up by the little black flippy corner triangles?

In the meantime, Penny, of Penny's Longarm Quilting (76 Church Street, Hillsboro, NH 03244, (603) 486-8081) brought back Heidi's quilted batik top. Heidi had done it using a layer cake pattern of rows of offset squares. Look at this!!!

The freehand spiral and plumes quilting is a wee bit hard to see in this photo, but those tropical batiks are as delicious as sherbert on a hot day.

As for me, I spent my time just assembling the 60 sashing components for my Bonnie K. Hunter's mystery quilt called Grand Illusion.

As I worked, I learned that I had sewed ten units together bass-ackwards and I corrected them with my trusty seam ripper immediately. Soon I had a basket filled with all the corrected pieces, YEAY!!!

By the time that I was ready to leave, Bev had her first "augmented block" sewn for keeping the design and it looked great! If you look closely, you can see her perfect purples for her borders are sitting on the table off to one side.

As I write the last of this post, Husband Wonderful is just returning from paying our taxes at our town hall. He had also stopped off to pick up some needed toilet paper. He came in, brandished the package of Charming Mega-Rolls, and exclaimed to me, "Well, Victoria, now we are officially wiped out!" LOL! Geez, don't you just hate toilet paper jokes?

Life is good. Keep scrambling!

Happy sewing

Thursday, March 5, 2015

I Got The Blues For My Baby...

The Barbara Brackman Civil War block for yesterday was indigo blue, what fun! If you'd like to peek at her wonderfully entertaining and educational entry, here is the link to it.
I pulled some choices from my stash.

My first efforts to use the Rothermel indigo included a lovely distressed Moda floral from Barbara Brackman's own Richmond Reds collection. I bought it at the Evergreen Country Primitives Quilt Shop in Milton, New Hampshire and paid retail, gasp! It was worth every penny!

The wallpaper stripe was a fat quarter acquired from a midnight online session at Thousands Of Bolts And Only One Nut (link) and I think that it is a Marcus Brothers. The madder tan with the berries was an unknown scrap from my "lucky pile."
Next, I tried this combination using the same Strawberries, Blueberries, and Chocolates indigo from Judie Rothermel of Marcus Brothers.

The madder stripe in the center block seemed to call my name and begged for the Andover cornerstones by Jo Morton.
The next block is an indigo cheater gleaned from my ever-ongoing Potholder Pile and was made long ago. It does use a Kansas Troubles center block and cornerstones. Those fabrics are lovely prairie prints, and while they are not authentic Civil War reproductions, they do appeal to my muddy-loving palette.

The dusty blue might be from the Civil War Jubilee collection, but I'm not sure because it was a scrap bought from last summer's June tent sale at The Mothership (Keepsake Quilting's retail store in Center Harbor, New Hampshire). Their scrap-stuffing plastic bags event is such fun! It appeals to that miser within me, LOL!
And now my personal chef and podiatrist is calling me to lunch of roast beast sandwiches with horseradish, yum! He swears he washed his hands, LOL!

Happy sewing!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Forward Progress

Today was bright and sunny in the morning for The Sunshine Club over at the Alton, New Hampshire, Senior Center. I borrowed my Husband Wonderful's car and went out to play.
Sue joined me and was soon working on her green strippy quilt. She is using three jelly rolls instead of one for a larger sized quilt.

Just look at that ball of confusion! I think I'm going to call it The Leprechauns' Quilt!

My strippy quilt needed trimming, so I used the big table for that and got it all done.

Today I also got my hair trimmed at the Tuesday special at the Smart Style inside the Concord, New Hampshire, Walmart. So it was Trimming Day all around!

Remember way back in late January, when I was cutting and packaging neutral strips for a swap?

Well, hooray, the swapped fabrics finally came in and I love them!!! I'm planning a new start with them sometime this June. My plan is for it to be a little less wonky version of a log cabin than I've done so far. It shall be a smaller scale of blocks than I've done before as well. That means more blocks!
In the meantime, I need a giant scale log cabin to sit in readiness for Gilmanton Police donations to fire-ravaged victims in our three villages.

This post is being shared at Love Laugh Quilt.

Hope you are having fun scheming and planning new quilts!

Happy sewing

Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Golden Day

The sun came out and our time at The Friday Quilters at The Golden Gese at 22 Liberty Street in Concord, New Hampshire was great fun!

We had such a big happy group sharing the tiny parking lot that we had to park in stacks of cars, knowing that we'd be asked to move when blocking someone else. Nobody minded a bit!

That's Heidi holding up her tropical batiks project and begging me to wait until it was further along. It is coming out terrific, dontcha think?

We haven't seen very much of Beverly this winter for a very good reason. She has been training a new puppy!!!!! His name is Yoda and he was afraid to come out of his crate at first. Puppy Mom Bev was on her knees to reassure him.

Hi, Yoda!

Yoda is a Yorkshire terrier mixed with Shitzu, I think it was. He's adorable!

Beverly had a whole bunch of these blocks made up for a quilt that she's making for her grand daughter. She thought that she'd use red borders, but then decided to go with a perfect purple!

Allison has her pastels all sewn together as a top and it really looks wonderful!

She liked the first one well enough to try a red, black, and white version, too. You go, girl!!!

Debbie was working on a Tee shirt quilt for a Maine friend and she did a beautiful job of sandwiching it on the big tables, then pin basting the layers together.

As for me, I did a lot of boring old quilt top pressing, but then I had more fun sewing pieces using "Scottie," my Scotland-made Singer Featherweight.
Soon I was sewing without thread and we all started to laugh at that! I popped a new bobbin in and then we were off to the races again.

The Blockswappers group on Yahoo keeps me in a good supply of matching sized 4-Patches and HST's. I'm sewing them into blocks for yet another Scrappy Jacob's Ladder. Here are the first six blocks of the "Brights" version.

Now those, so far, have been kept apart from the blocks of the same pattern that I've been making at home in "Traditionals." Here are some examples of those Traditional fabrics:

I'm not sure if I'm going to mix them all together in one quilt, or keep going and make two quilts. As my dear old Dad used to say when he was alive, "Victoria, we'll see, and that's final!!"

While at home, I made another madder block for Barbara Brackman's sew along on her Civil War Quilts  blog.

Just for good measure, I did another Sunny Lanes block, too. That brings my total to 17 now.

For all these 12 inch blocks, I like to make 36 blocks to set them 6 by 6 and then add some nice borders. That's my general plan anyway, but as the piles of blocks grow in my Quilt Cave down cellar, I do constantly lose count of just how many are done. 
Some days, when my mojo is low, I do my impression of the miserly Scrooge McDuck (Donald Duck's rich uncle) counting and recounting his money, and I count all my finished and pressed blocks. Then I feel smug in my riches!

Count your blocks.
Count your quilty friends.
Count your blessings.

Happy sewing!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Madder And Madder

No, no, I'm not angry, LOL! This week is the discussion of the Civil War period dye stuffs known as "madder," by Barbara Brackman on her blog, Civil War Quilts.

My block from a previous week was chosen by Barbara Brackman to illustrate her teachings and I am very honored. Here it is, sporting two of her very own designs of fabrics in both the star points and the star point backgrounds.

I had always felt confused by the term "madder", but now I know why. There are three distinct color groups that are in the madder family; chocolate browns, peachy or pumpkin oranges, and plums. Gosh, they all sound delicious, now, don't they?

The plums seemed the easiest to pull from my stash, mostly because I could identify them.

On the above block, I was able to use a delightful chocolate scrap in the cornerstones that came from the giveaway box that I won from The Constant Quilter.  The center square is an orange from the same scrap box. Thanks, Wendy!!!

The star points, done in a Jo Morton, were what I would call an ochre yellow for its mustardy overtones, but I believe that the  stylized flowers are also representing madder dyes.

I tried a second block and was very pleased with the results.

Please recall that you may click on any picture to enlarge it.

Remember that stale coffee dye-pot of mine?

Well, one of the fabrics was a "too-white" shirting that I wanted to distress to look antique and here it is, all nice and primitively aged! Nice and muddy!

I used it as the star points in this block. Now you can see that it fits right in with the olde timey look!

The cocoa colored cornerstones were scraps from my 2½" squares "lucky box" and they seemed just right despite being quite anonymous. I had great fun making these three blocks. Thank you, Barbara Brackman!!


Yesterday, I was able to squeeze in another couple of hours on Ellen Peters' rented longarm. I went to quilt the Edyta Sitar's, "Snowbird" for Laundry Basket Quilts for Moda, jelly roll quilt top.

Geez, the above picture was taken way back in last July! Now that's an UnFinished Object.

It responded beautifully to my simple free-hand loops and hearts (or leaves) design but it was difficult to photograph to view the quilting.

The backing was a plain blue cozy flannel from a Joann's sale about 4 years ago. I guess that's ripened enough, eh? Time to move it along, LOL!

I like "girly-girl" quilts; does it show?

I hope that you are making the quilts that you love, too!

Happy quilting!

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