Monday, April 14, 2014

Celebrating Spring!

We enjoyed a wonderful sewing session on Friday at The Sunshine Club in Alton, New Hampshire. It was especially fun to welcome a new member, Mary, who brought a big happy bunch of potholders to work on.

She says she needs 40 done by Christmas, so she's starting early. Way to go, Mary!

Pauline almost has all her collected blocks for the North Barnstead Community Church sampler quilt. One of her friends had made lots of birdhouse blocks for it. They looked so colorful! The block that Pauline is holding up is a spring basket with an embellished ribbon bow attached to it. Nice!

You can see Sue, there, too and she's still working on her purple tumblers. Margorie is crocheting up her baby blanket and managed to wear a coordinating blouse to match!

As for me, I was celebrating Spring by bringing in my Scotland-made Featherweight, "Scottie." It has not been since November that I have machine sewed at The Sunshine Club, as it became too difficult to haul Scottie in and out of the car between the snow drifts and iced in parking lots.

Another small celebration of Spring came when I asked Husband Wonderful, Felix, to please change the blade on my big rotary cutter. Wheeeeeee! Now it glides rather than drags. I keep a small sticker on the back of my blade holder to record the date we changed it last. I usually get 2 or 3 months out of a blade.

As for Palm Sunday, not being very churchy myself, I went to Ellen Peters' Cat's Whiskers Quilting Studio.

I had another full sized 5" tumblers top to be quilted. I had thought that it was going to be too short, so I added two more rows to it. But I must've mis-measured something.

The quilt top was too long for both the backing and the batting! Holy Carp!
But my good teacher, Ellen did not panic like I did. We scooted in an extra length of batting and we used a seam ripper to remove one row of the tumblers and then everything came out fine!

The quilting took me about two hours. I outlined each tumbler by doing a sort of a "W" pattern across the quilt. You go down, across the bottom of the tumbler and then up the other side and then across the top of the next tumbler. When you do the next row, the order reverses to catch the bottoms that get skipped in the second tumbler in from the row above. It sounds complicated in words but it's really easy when you see it. You just need to pay attention, LOL!
I told Ellen that I might name the quilt, "Rescue Me" because it has so many mistakes in it, LOL!
When things go awry, persevere and it will all be okay in the end.

Happy quilting!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

New Shelter For Spring

My Monday errand in Concord was to pick up a new key to the Police Strays area of the new Pope Memorial Concord SPCA. It is all being refurbished and the last bit of construction was just finishing up.

Felix and I are both Animal Control Officers for Gilmanton and Belmont, so we needed to see where to bring lost stray dogs after hours. Dogs never seem to keep "banker's hours," LOL!

This is the back door that leads right to the shelter area for Police strays and we have one key. The director, Cathy, seen below, let me in and showed me the interior and gave me a big hug. If ever there was an angel walking upon this planet, it is Cathy, for all she has done and continues to do for the good of the critters!

What with Spring weather finally breaking here and the snow slowly melting into a memory, all the dogs in the world want to run off into the woods and roll in dead stuff!!!!

But while in Concord, I did stop in to say "Hello" to Charlene and the gang at The Golden Gese quilt shop. After all, we must save gasoline and combine trips, mustn't we???

Here I am, above, clowning around by pretending to make off with the whole shop's display of rolled Fat Quarters. But I was pretty good. When I got home, I only had bought ten of these bargains.

There was also a couple of yards of a primitive-looking red and gold stripe that I think will make a very pretty binding someday.

That sage green foulard came home with me, too. It is an authentic historic reproduction fabric, but by a house that I rarely see; Sayler's Creek by Judy Roche and Corinne Kramer for Henry Glass. Both of these were in the sale corner so they were a great find!

What with all the dog calls this week, I had little odd moments to sew and had fun making a few of my favorite stars. These are 8" when finished.

Tonight I am looking forward to The Sunshine Club tomorrow and I plan on bringing my machine now that Spring has cleared away the snow banks. How are you celebrating Spring?

Happy quilting!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Quilty Fun!

An idea has been "a-brewin' an' a-brewin' in my mind." It is for another Civil War quilt, so I am sure that there is no surprise there to my regular readers, LOL!
I've asked Karen, over at Blockswappers to design a new swap for me to hostess. But I got antsy to start it! I've been sewing blocks for a week now, LOL!

These are "standard" 9-Patches made with 2 1/2" strips so they are 6 1/2" stacked here, but they will finish at 6" in the quilt. All the corner squares are matching blues (or indigos) with a red accent in the center. Each stack pictured has 6 to 8 blocks in the group.
When I laid them out, I liked the golden tan background for the photograph so much that I'm playing around with ideas for keeping that design motif. But I want to set the 9-Patches on point and I have been very gratefully studying the formulas for that over at Bonnie K. Hunter's Tips & Techniques. Thank you so very much, Bonnie!

If the swap never materializes, I'll just make the quilt on my own using these blocks. The antique churn dash came out so well thanks to all the variety from that swap that I want to do all over again!

The making of these blocks generated some odd measures of end cuts that were way too nice to throw away! I sewed the odd bits together to make this little quilt that is 16" X 20".

Once again, that odd "paperbag brown" broadcloth came to the rescue for the binding.

The borders were a delightful older Paula Barnes from the time back when she called herself "Bonnie Blue Quilts" for Marcus Brothers. It is a sumptuous floral, almost Jacobean. I only owned a fat quarter of it and I was hoarding it very hard, LOL! It makes this whole tiny quilt-mat dance and I love it!

The backing was a Civil War fat quarter from one of those marvelous Whittle's Fabrics grab bags found here.

Batting scraps were spray basted into position and I finished the hand hemming at the Sunshine Club today over at the Pearson Road Community Center (as the Alton Senior Center is now known).

Sue needed extra Hersey's Milk Chocolate Nuggets when she was sewing things together backwards.
She got another whole row done correctly!

Pauline was loving her new copy of The Farmer's Wife by Laurie Aaron Hird.

We were thrilled to welcome back Margorie, who does not care to drive in bad weather, so we've missed her!

Mary and Margorie admired the quilt that Pauline had made.

It was a great day and I hope yours was fun, too!

Happy quilting!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I have decided to stop buying fabric.

I'll hafta tell all my friends we can't go to Footprints.

I'll hafta not go to the Golden Gese.

I'll hafta not go to the Mothership (Keepsake Quilting).

I'll hafta not go to Evergreen with the Farmer's Wife group.

I'll hafta not go to the Quilted Frog.

I won't order fabrics online either.

And I'll always make my bed.

And do my leg exercises.

I won't go to the Busy Thimble.

And then "Puppy Dad" will have more money for bologna.

Signed, Miss Emma Lynn

Oh, com'on now! You didn't think that I would write this post, now did you???????

Happy April Fool's Day to you all!!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

New Moon, New Stuff

I truly thought that it was me. My old computer mouse kept skipping, or worse, doubling my clicks!

And my mouse-pad was for shame it was so worn and dirty. Felix got online and did way too much research to solve the problem, LOL! But this new one works wonderfully!

Is it good luck to buy and install a new mouse on the new moon? Must be!

Additionally, Felix and Matthew went down to a private seller from Craig's List yesterday and bought a used 1500 Sierra GMC 1999 (I think) to replace Matthew's dying pick up truck.

As for me, there was no Sunshine Club on Friday due to some freezing rain. I worked some more on those new blocks, the pretty red and cream disappearing pinwheels.

Step 1. Sew all the way around two right-sides-together 10" squares with your 1/4" seam.

Step 2. Cut the two diagonals with your rotary cutter.

Step 3. Iron them open to the dark side.

Step 4. Arrange the four pieces into a large pinwheel.

Step 5. Sew the pinwheel, press, and, when done, measure it carefully to find the division of thirds of the width. Mine was 2 and an eighth inches from the center seam. (The pinwheel block now measured 13", so 4 1/4" was pretty close to one third)

Step 6. Cut the two verticals of the thirds.

Step 7. Carefully turn the pieces on the mat and cut the horizontal one-third marks. (Actually, you are cutting them vertically for safety).

Step 8. Now rearrange the units around the center's smaller pinwheel and sew the block as if it were a nine patch.

I'm loving the way these look! But you can also do churn dashes and reversals of the darks and lights.

Here are some alternatives that I tried out.

If some of these blocks were put together they would start creating some secondary patterns, too. This is still my personal favorite!

As it continues to rain, we begin the fifth season; "mud season."

Too dreary to be outdoors, must stay in and quilt.

"Please don't throw me in that briar patch, Bre'r Fox!", said Bre'r Rabbit.

Happy quilting!

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