Friday, August 5, 2016

The Sunshine Club News

We had a very pleasant session of The Sunshine Club on Tuesday at the Alton, New Hampshire Senior Center. Sue, below, continued to make steady progress on her Black & White strings blocks.

Bev had totes that she'd made that were really nice!

Diane, below, is almost done with the hand hemming of her beachy quilt.

Some of the gals have signed up to decorate flipflops with Roney. Aren't these a kick?

Margie was doing the last extra rows of her hot pink yoyo pillow cover.

Bev has a hand quilting project that she started long ago and is determined to finish.

I was finished pressing all my giant 4-patches from the four Moda charm packs of Nurture, so I began laying them out for best color placement.

Mary, below, was a huge help to me. Thank you, Mary!!

After we got them set six rows by seven rows, we were ready to stack them carefully.

Mary was invaluable for pinning the little paper slips with Row Numbers onto the top block in the stack. whew! We both were tired and needed chocolate!

Our wonderful Director, Roney, made a beautiful display to help sell raffle tickets for the 60"by80" String quilt we made together.

Here is a close up of the poster she made for us. Nice job! You may click to enlarge the picture.

The tickets are:

One ticket            $5.00
Three tickets      $10.00
Ten tickets          $20.00
If you have paypal or can mail me a check, you may buy tickets to help support this very worthy cause of the Senior Center. Leave a comment and be sure that I have access to your email address, so that I can help make all the arrangements. We thank you for your support!

Happy Quilting!

1 comment:

gayle said...

It's a true friend who'll crawl around on the floor with you, arranging quilt blocks!
Good luck with your raffle!

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