Saturday, July 29, 2017

Quilty News

On Tuesday at The Sunshine Club met and had a lovely time with show and tell. Here's Mary, who finished up her double 4-patch quilt by folding the backing over for a self binding. Good job, Mary!

Sometimes the simplest quilt ideas turn out to make wonderful quilts!

Sue was hard at work machine quilting her black and white strings quilt with straight line quilting. The quilt was heavy to move around for the quilting, so frequent breaks were in order.

Meb took a whole bagful of small finished pieces home to finish labeling them for the Bowls Of Hunger fundraiser.

Mary is still making decisions on how she'll finish her multi-colored strings quilt, but she spread it out for a photo. Great work!

Joyce joined us and was playing with her pretty nine patches made from charm square packs.

I got all my 4½" long sections of the piano key border cut from the Civil War Strip sets.

Best of all, we were visited by Pauline from Tennessee, who is staying with her adult daughter and grandkids. Great to see you, Pauline! Here I am modeling the gorgeous hand knit sweater that she made for me. Thank you, Pauline!!! I love it!

Later in the week, the Friday Quilters at The Golden Gese quilt shop met for yet another work session. Here's Maureen, just finishing up her hand hemming of her binding.

The quilt is a lovely summery design of blues and yellows on white and it just looks so happy and fresh!

Here is her embroidered label that looks so professional! Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Maureen also made another patriotic mini flag that came out great!

Another great project that Maureen shared with us is her cat motif that was carefully crafted using a commercially prepared pattern's instructions. We've never seen a green cat, but it looks so real!

Sue had a great beginning on a batiks block all in blues. This will create a secondary pattern of 4-patches when it is sewn together in the quilt. Very dramatic!

My work was to complete joining up the piano key border sections and get them sewn onto my Civil War scrappy log cabin medallions.

This will make the quilt about 72" square after it has been quilted and I'm thrilled with the look of it!

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to a trip to Marden's in Sanford, Maine, to meet up with my old chum, Grace. Can't wait to see her and give her a hug in person! Since she relocated from Maine to Maryland for the easy winters, I don't get the chance to see her very often.

Happy sewing!


Janet O. said...

Such a variety of projects among you and your quilty friends.
Oh, that sweater looks beautiful. What a sweetheart to make that for you.
Your quilt is another lovely finish. You just can't go wrong with log cabins!
I am happy for you and Grace to be able to meet up again. Wish I could get in on those hugs. : )

Quiltingwiththefarmerswife said...

Loved seeing the signature block on Maureen s quilt. True saying 100 years ago and today.
What a very kind friend to make that lovely sweater. Looks terrific.
Thank you again for all the inspiration. Great blog. Patty Mc

cityquilter grace said...

those piano keys are sooo perfect for that quilt! great job...and see ya tomorrow!

Auntie Em said...

How lovely to receive a hand knit sweater! It's beautiful! I always enjoy seeing the variety of projects your group works on.

Nann said...

I so enjoy the Sunshine Diaries, Vic. Give Grace a hug for me. Don't get into too much trouble at Marden's!

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