Monday, December 20, 2010

The Christmas Spirit

What fun it has been to set most of my patchwork quilting aside to be celebrating Christmas with lots of different family members!
My "kid" sister, who is 50, Lucinda rode the bus up from Connecticut to visit us. I also have an older sister, Anne, who lives just 17 miles away, two towns over. Since everybody's schedule is different, we had our presents on Sunday, December 19th.

Last year, Lucinda got a quilt from me and she loves it. So this year, it was Anne's turn to get one from me. Imagine my surprise that I got one from Anne, too!
These pictures show Lucinda who had just opened a blue cotton hair scrunchie that I had made for her. And Anne is modeling a hair tie-up ribbon in a black oriental batik that was a "close-the-shopping-bag-at-the-register" string from Keepsake Quilting in Center Harbor, NH.
Lucinda and I had driven up there, which is about 45 minutes one way, to have me pick out 8 fat quarters as my Christmas present from her. Wow! I felt so rich! I even made one of my choices an oriental calligraphy print to give to Anne, who loves those.
My husband, Felix, and Matthew, who is no relation but like our adopted son, were outdoors in the freezing cold trying to winterize a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport for Lucinda to drive back down to Connecticut. The plug to drain out some of the radiator fluid, so that it could be replaced with anti-freeze, had been cross-threaded by the previous owner. It gave the boys hours of trouble. But once they got it free, they got her car winterized to -35 degrees!
Here is a picture of Felix and Matthew doing a little body work on the Cherokee, too. They sure did want hot cocoa when they came into the house!

Anne's gift quilt to me was very special. She had placed the winning bid in the WLNH children's charity auction on a quilt that had been made by Daisy Troop 10972! Yippee! I love the red and green borders and sashing and the panels that the girls colored are just superb! I was so tired that I fell asleep right with it on the futon with my lady labs, "Luau" and "Raven." Ahhhhhhhhh, quilty pleasures!

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