Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentine's Day Done!

This week was a lost week for RRCB because I chose to make up a whole slew of fun pillow cases. They were all in rosebud or hearts themed fabric and came out great! I used the standard tube style method to make them which is a little like a magic trick.
But alas, I have no pictures! For one thing, I feared my sisters would read my blog and see their Valentine's Day pillowcase gifts before the mail arrived with them (as they were mailed out today). It's a wonderful one-size-fits-all gift and has no calories!


Katie said...

Lets see a pic Vic!

Cheri said...

My RRCB is in the wings also. Wouldn't a set of holiday themed pillowcases be a fun gift? The receiver could change for each holiday of the year. I'd like to see pics, too.

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