Sunday, January 30, 2011

Guilty of EBay

There are times when I just sit like a slug in front of the computer for hours! One thing that I love to do is to look at all the completed quilts that are for sale there on EBay from all over the country. I study the designs and fabrics in the pictures. Seeing ANY quilt in a thumbnail picture will tell you almost instantly if the patchwork design has good impact.

At first, I was horrified that so many quilts were listed as, "cutter" quilts, to be cut up for crafts. What a sacrilege! Large numbers of quilts are being sold by quilt dealers and general antique dealers that were acquired at estate sales. Imagine; an estate and NO family member wanted the family quilts. That is so sad! It makes me wonder what will become of my handiwork. But I learn a lot about quilts, prices, and what is popular right now.

I have not bought quilts, but did fall in love with a few sets of contemporary made-up block sets that I got for under $20. I figured that I would not have been able to buy the fabric for that price. LOL At least, that was my justification! I put the blocks together with some sashing and borders from my stash and had lots of fun. I firmly believe that the blocks were probably made by illegal aliens for piece-work. Oh well.

I also have a weakness for signed baskets. Alright, almost ANY basket! I spent $5 on a Peterboro, NH basket that the Virginia owner had to charge me $8 to ship it to me back here in NH. It was still cheaper than I could have bought it at the factory. I really must go this year to their tent sale!

I also fell for a basket from a dealer who said that they had acquired it from a Halifax, Nova Scotia estate sale. To me it looks Native American Indian and old. I hope I can figure out how to do some research on it.
It is a wrapped coil construction that is 12 1/2" across and 4" tall in perfect condition. I just love it!

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A Gal Who said...

I came across your blog from the Quiltville Chat Yahoo group. Seeing everyone's talent and creativity while going through blogs really helps me stay sane! I've been married 30 years this month and live in northeast Texas. Thanks for sharing!
Layne P

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