Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Status Symbol

We all have to take pride in some areas of our lives. We need our status symbols. When I was in Foxboro High School, it was a status symbol for a girl to have the longest hair, or to wear nylons to school. When I was in high school, pantyhose had not yet been invented. We used garter belts!
Now that I'm 61 years old, I find that my status symbols have changed a lot. My big status symbol now is having a great big flag on a flagpole in my front yard. My flagpole is just slightly taller than the one for my town hall, now how's that for boasting?
My beat-up car is a 1989 Mercury Marquis sedan that is old enough to buy me an alcoholic beverage. But my flag is beautiful!

1 comment:

JCnNC said...

I love this post - how we priortize what is important to us!! My car (that I refuse to sell)is a 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass. My symbol in highschool in 1960 was my saddle shoes bought new every year. I think I will have to post a picture of my flag pretty soon on my blog. Love the look and I am the most patriotic person I know. Judy C in NC

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