Sunday, January 23, 2011

Roll, Roll Cotton Bowl Progress Continues!

Well, the 120 sawtooth strips are DONE!!!! Whew. That was such a struggle for me and I'm so glad to be sailing along on a new part of the mystery quilt.

Now I am working on what I know will become the fancy Seminole style border, which is the second part of Step 6. I got all 344 little Quarter Square Triangles (QST's) cut out. By using the Companion EZ Angle ruler on the 1 1/2" strips of chocolate brown fabric and cutting 8 layers at a time, it went very quickly. Usually I would cut fewer layers but I had gotten a great deal on EBay for Olfa 60mm replacement blades in December. So with a bright sharp blade, I sliced right through all those layers!
I sewed the brown triangles, chain-pieced, to one end of each of the "three-sies" and then pressed and clipped the dog-ears. I discovered that I had made 186 rather than 172, so I'll have a few extras. Maybe tonight I will begin sewing all the brown QST's onto the other end of the three-sies. I love to stack them into piles of ten to bask in the achievement of so many done. I sure am not the fastest on this mystery quilt, but I sure do know how to feel good when I've made progress!

This block layout is not sewed yet, you can see that's a good thing because one of my sawtooth strips, the one along the bottom does not match the others. I was playing with which way I like them. I also tried flipping the dark brown and pink HST's to the outer position, too. No idea what I'll do yet.

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Quilter Kathy said...

I am finding the HST strips very boring to sew. I am taking a wee break from them. Your photos inspire me to get back to them...either way you sew your blocks...they look great!

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