Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yahoo, Top Done!

Three cheers and little blue fishes, as my sister, Anne, would say!! RRCB is done! My house is so crowded that I took it outdoors to photograph and the photos are a trifle overexposed, but you can see it here. It was so funny because when my young friend, Matthew, and husband, Felix, were trying to snap the pics, a breeze would come by and lift all the edges. So we would all smooth it out and try again and, bang! another breeze! But we finally got a decent picture.

If you look behind me, you can see a small bit of leftover snow in the lower driveway that had been a huge plowed-up snowbank. We got such warm temperatures in the mid 60's that it took most of the snow away.

We also measured RRCB and it was 99" X 86" which is the largest quilt top I've ever done! Whew! I think it is a much more involved top than Carolina Christmas which took me 13 months to complete. I feel I did great to get all the piecing done on RRCB in 5 months! The only thing that I need to do on it yet is to stay-stitch all around the outer edge and press the borders.

For those of you who haven't finished yours yet, this top is HEAVY!!! I usually get Warm and Natural batting from my longarmer, but that is very heavy, too. God, you won't be able to lift it! LOL! I'm just so happy that it is done!


Sue Daurio said...

Just beautiful!! Nice finish!

Pam said...

It turned out beautiful! I used 80/20 poly blend on mine and it is still heavy. It is nice to sleep under.

Anonymous said...

Wow Victoria, you really and truly "built" something wonderful. I can see the smile on someone a hundred years from now as they admire this quilt and ask, where did those folks back in the early two thousands ever find time to create like this and how did they develop such skill? LUV YA, Jack

Just Plain Things said...

Well, yeah, definately worth 3 cheers!

Your BESTEST EVER quilt yet!

WOW! Truly amazing!

Luv ya,

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