Monday, September 19, 2011

New Interface Sucks!

I hate change! The newest interface from Google "No longer supports your browser..." Ugh! So now I hafta leave my ole' trusty firefox Flock browser to be able to post here. I'll try it, but I am keeping my old browser as my default because I know where the "file, edit, view, history, favorites, etc" are all located. On the newer browsers, these are all hidden and I can't find them! Sigh. I hate change.

Except in the weather, when I love change! These lovely cool early Fall days are perfect for getting quilts into their final readiness for my Belknap Mill Quilter's Guild Fall show on October 1st & 2nd. Geez, that's only 2 weeks away. I have 5 all done with the labels and sleeves, and one more to do after I collect it back from my friend Ilse's house who received it as a gift. She is a dear and is allowing me to put it into the show. Here are pictures of Matthew and me safety-pinning sleeves onto the flannel backs of two quilts.

That was yesterday, and boy, do all the muscles on this fat old broad ache this morning! This is Matthew's quilt, called "Orange Sherbert". Although I did the piecing, and Tracy Szanto did all the quilting on her longarm, I gave Matthew all the credit for the layout design of these Broken Dishes (or Hourglass) blocks. Then I made him decide which way was up to see what was the top and what was the bottom for when we put the sleeve on, so that it would not be hung upside-down. Here is what he decided.

He is very proud of "his" quilt and can't wait until after the show when I will let him take it to his dorm room at New Hampshire Technical Institute.
The other quilt that I finished up yesterday with a sleeve and a label, was "Celtic Cottage" which almost got named, "Comedy of Errors"! Here you can see us pinning on the sleeve on the flannel backings that never got centered when they were at the longarmer's. Oh well, it looks very lop-sided but I still love it! The pattern was inspired by Jo Kramer's "Chain of Faith" featured on Moda Bakeshop on May 1st, 2011. Jo used a Moda precut Jelly Roll in Collections for a Cause line, but I chose my own fabrics from my stash and cut them by hand.

Believe it or not, there is NO GREY fabric in this quilt top! Those are all pale greens and beiges but the camera lies!

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R & E said...

Pretty "cute" all sprawled out on the hard surface doing that dreaded job. Nice to see Matthew again - had not heard anything about him for a while. How nice that he helped you. I've done that job every way there is and finally decided doing it on ONE wide but narrow (does that make sense?) works the best. The weight of the parts that hang over the table helps to keep the wrinkles out. I.e., one table 30x 60 inches or so. If I add the second table, the job is much harder. However, NOTHING is as hard as doing it on the ground!!! You are made of sturdy stuff!! Elaineadairpieces.

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