Monday, November 3, 2014

A Gift Of Friendship

While my very dear friend, Grace, was in Pennsylvania on her yearly retreat, she bought me a gift of some beautiful cheddars. Whee and yippee! Today's glowing sunlight was offset by howling winds and chilly temps in the low forties, so it was an indoor photo shoot for you to see them. Aren't they gorgeous?

Here is what was in the package; a printed quilty postcard, a purple mechanical pencil, and, for the cheddars, a Judie Rothermel of Judie's Authentic Miniatures, an A la Carte by American Jane for Moda, and a Paula Barnes for Marcus Brothers.

Thank you so very much, Grace! The cheddars will work their way into my Farmer's Wife quilt, for sure!
And that slick mechanical pencil is perfect for drawing diagonal lines onto the back sides of fabrics. I may even use some of these fabrics in the newest mystery by Bonnie K. Hunter. If you are new here, this is Bonnie's link. to the introduction to the soon-to-begin "Grand Illusion."

My time has been divided between getting two rows of blocks sewn together (Thank you, Sharon, for your boots to my butt, er, I mean helpful suggestions) and some small quilts. The inertia has been broken, therefore, on my Celtic Solstice.  Now I'm striving to do at least one row per day. I NEED baby steps, LOL!
Today got lost to errands and a new-to-me chair yoga class at the Senior Center. But this is a quick peek at the little quilts as I sandwiched and June Tailor spray basted them for machine quilting with FMQ.

The Double Sawtooth Star on the right has been quilted and bound now, perhaps better pictures of it can be taken tomorrow after I vote. The little red/green pinwheels quilt has yet to be quilted but it is all prepared.

Hope you had a great day and got some sewing in, too!


Janet O. said...

Grace told me she got you some cheddars. They are lovely! It is great the way you two look out for each other.
Oh, great minis, Vic!
Sometimes we need a swift kick, don't we? : )

Janet said...

I thought you had received some cheeses. :) I was jealous at first.... but cheddar fabrics are good too.

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