Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Joyous Veteran's Day!

Although I forgot to take a picture of it, I made up a really nice potted plant with a sign that said, "Thank you for your service!" to give to Matthew's 86 year old veteran father in the nursing home.  It was an easy-to-care-for pothos foliage plant that I had grown myself from cuttings.
Matthew took it down there today and when he returned, he was grinning and said that his father, John Abraham, was delighted with with the plant!
John served in World War II and, later, in the Korean War as well. We are indebted to all our veterans, young and old, men and women, who have put themselves in the service of our country.

This not-quite-patriotic small quilt is now finished. It measures 17" by 31" which is such a queer size that I may wash it in the hope that it might shrink to something more normal.

Although I may have shown it before on this blog, what is new is that I have quilted my signature and the year onto it with Free Motion Quilting. Leah Day and her wonderful  FMQ free videos on her website have given me the confidence to keep trying FMQ. I needed to be very fresh and sharp to do it and it requires lots of stops and starts between certain letters. It looks better than a label on a small quilt.

My quilting is still pretty herky-jerky but it adds lots of character to my little primitive style pieces. This one has a plain tea-bag tan muslin backing.

I quilted it from the front or top, as it were, and that allowed me a view of the large quaint old vintage florals to outline them.

Miss Tanner loved the whole effect!

As I had a "finish", I felt that I had earned a new "start." My palms have been itching to begin a "Sunny Lanes" quilt in a 12" block size with Civil War scrappy four-patches. If you'd like to sew along with me, the block instructions are on Quilter's Cache. 
The four-patches for it began with 2" squares, which I have been hoarding for years! Yippee! A use for them at last!

And my new mechanical pencil, given to me by my friend, Grace, sure came in handy for marking diagonals across the 3 1/2" squares. Thank you again, Grace!

The "lanes" are that lovely creamy white of Kona Snow that Missouri Star Quilt Company offered on their Daily Deal a few weeks back. So glad that I bought 2 yards! They have neat Daily Deals!

The golden tone-on-tone tan is by Kansas Troubles by Moda. It has just enough pattern to not be boring without overpowering the Civil War selections.

So far, I'm very pleased with the blocks, but amazed at how long they take me to put together and press them. I can do two a day.
Harrumph! Somehow I always feel like I'm not fast enough. Do you ever get those critical little inner voices, too, LOL? Hush, hush, and pass the Hersey's Milk Chocolate Nuggets, please.

Happy sewing!

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cityquilter grace said...

such a cute runner...odd size? who cares? and your blocks are gorgeous because the fabrics are totally gorgeous too....glad you like the pencil and the eraser is great for removing pencil lines too!

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