Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Cool Breeze!

A gloriously cool, dry, breeze-filled summer's day blessed us on Friday. It energized me and I was happy to go to The Friday Quilter's With Claire at The Golden Gese Quilt Shop on 22 Liberty Street in Concord, New Hampshire.

Here is Claire herself holding up her sweet Sea Turtles in Batiks top.

You can see that Claire's smile is wonderful, but my camera is NOT capturing the sea green turquoise color of the batiks in her borders. They are much more beautiful in person!

Claire was also putting together some packets for the shop's owner, Nancy, for the Row-By-Row Experience shop hop. Aren't these little printed patches cute?

Barbara from Maine was sewing busily, or should I say, she was UN sewing?

But she did hold up the almost-finished row from last year with the cute flip flops and starfish!

Barbara's Civil War Churn Dash variation got completed as a top and we were all excited to see how beautifully it came out!

Setting the rows diagonally on point was a big job, but Barbara made it look easy!

I absolutely love these Civil War reproduction fabrics!

Maureen, below, was helping Beverly, who was working on piecing a backing for her modern greys and yellows Illusion quilt top.

There was much smoothing, lining up, trimming, and pinning to get it, "just so!"

We all cheered and did a Happy Dance when it came out perfectly!

Marianne was upstairs and making great progress on her Scrappy Dresden Plate blocks. Way to go, Marianne!!!

Maureen, below, was working on some really bright batiks with her curved templates.

As for me, I was doing a little "Sewing Without Thread" on Scottie, my Scotland-made Singer Featherweight. Uh oh, time to thread a bobbin!!!

After some fooling around, I finally remembered how to wind a bobbin on the Featherweight and I soon was back to those perfect little stitches. I got scrappy lights sewn into an inner border for all around my Scrappy Jacob's Ladder top. Got it pressed, too!

After I got those borders on and pressed, Maureen helped me measure my top so far. It was a perfect 76" square!! Yippeee!!! Don't you love it when things go just right?

Happy sewing!


gayle said...

Yay for a perfect square! (And I know how hard that is to achieve!)

Vic in NH said...

Hoping to see a comment from Maureen, who has had trouble posting and I don't know why?

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