Sunday, July 19, 2015

Enjoying July

My contributions to my pile of "Stars In A Time Warp", the sew along with Barbara Brackman, Link grew by three "drab" olive green stars.

Here are the selvedges of most of what I used.

You may click on any picture to enlarge it. These olive greens, muddy tans, and mustardy yellows are right up my alley, I love them!

My stash yielded more than I could use and I was so happy with the results! Below is the Jeanne Horton drab with a wee bit of turkey red thrown in for an accent.

The last star of the drab series that I've done so far, uses a Jo Morton for Andover neat stripe in the center of the block shown below.

I was also thrilled this past week with the arrival of a bona fide Pillar Print done by Barbara Brackman from her Lately Arrived From London series. I was able to purchase it online from Link.  Thank you, Margo!!

Alas! It is far too precious to cut into yet. I must ruminate on it for a while, LOL!

Our Friday's Quilters group was limited to The Downstairs Gang as The Golden Gese Quilt Shop on 22 Liberty Street, Concord, New Hampshire was hosting a shop hop.

Sue, below, was working on joining strips for a piano key border for her Illusions quilt in red, black, and grey florals.

Maureen was sewing her brilliant batiks and they looked wonderful!

Beverly was at the cutting table with navy blues.

As for me, I poked along on my Moda Country Orchards Quilt As You Go project.

Nancy, the shop's owner and our hostess for quilting space and a glorious finger foods buffet, gives out a 20% discount on all regular fabrics for the month of July. Who can resist that??

Okay, that's actually two weeks worth, not one. But I AM greedy, LOL!

May I also show my cute little zipper pouch that I'm now using as my pocketbook? It is from the Missouri Star Quilt Company's tutorial. Link.

Of course, it is shown right beside the chocolate dispenser filled with Hersey's Milk Chocolate Nuggets that I buy at Walmart in bags. The dispenser is a repurposed Parmesan cheese container.

Stay cool and keep stitching!


Nann said...

Good idea to ration those Hershey nuggets!
Have you laid out all your CW Stars blocks? There are so many colorways/fabric styles -- I'd love to see 'em all!

gayle said...

Me, too! Me, too! I'd love to see all those stars!
What sweet little pinwheels - have I missed one of your projects?

Janet O. said...

I vote to see the stars all together, too. You have some real beauties!
Oh, I just had a flashback--I ordered yards and yards of an 1840s reproduction fabric years ago from Margo. I had forgotten about her company. At the time I was a reenactor at a local heritage center and finding period appropriate fabric locally was impossible. The quilt shops weren't into the repros much around here back then--some of them still aren't, for that matter. : )

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Your blocks are lovely; as always! I like your ready-to-go chocolate dispenser, you never know when you might need some instant energy to keep up with your piecing and quiltiing, that's one great recycling tip! Enjoy these summer days... they're gone all too soon for me. :)

cityquilter grace said...

nice little 2-week stash there and i love the same fabrics and those are no exception....i was gifted with a small pillar scrap...looks like yours i think...mine has a gold background...i still have to make those up....lovely blocks....

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