Monday, October 5, 2015

Fall Flurry of Activity

This past weekend was filled with life and celebrations as Felix attended his 50th Attleborough High School Reunion.

We had a great time!

Now we are delighted to be back home safely because driving through the greater Boston metropolis to get there sure was nerve-wracking. We aren't used to such high-speed closely-packed traffic for 3 hours. Felix drove and I prayed.

His cousin, Dianna, welcomed us into her pretty home to spend the night and go home the next day. Thank you, Dianna, for your gracious hospitality!

I wanted Dianna to have a quilt that I had made, but shipping is so expensive that this trip was the perfect opportunity to present it to her.

This is the one she received, amidst many hugs and a few tears of joy!!!

There is nothing more heart-warming to a quilter like me than being able to give a quilt that they have made to someone who truly appreciates it.

Before we went down to Massachusetts for the reunion, I did breeze into the Golden Gese Quilt Shop on 22 Liberty Street in Concord, New Hampshire to enjoy some sewing time.

Claire, below, was there with her daughter and was working on a binding for Darlene's quilt.

Sue, below, was having lots of good progress on her green, black, and buttercream colored quilt top. I think that these blocks are known as Hatchet Blocks in traditional circles.

Maureen had yet another block done for her Dutchman's Puzzle blocks.

That's looking good, Maureen!

Maureen also brought in a bunch of her lovely hydrangea blossoms for us to enjoy, and then she gave them to me to take home. Thanks so much, Maureen! Aren't they beautiful?

Barbara from Maine, was doing a wee bit of hand applique of clouds onto the sky of her Airplanes small quilt.

 Nice even stitches, there, Barbara! I love the metallic silver thread that you used to make the "movement lines" around the propellers!

Marianne, below, had finished up her Harley Davidson quilt top, all made with bricks. and showed it for us to admire.

It is so smooth and evenly stitched, nice work, Marianne!!!

Meanwhile, I was working on trimming the backsides of my all-neutral string blocks and wound up giving a lesson on how to make string blocks to a young man who came in with a quilt shop customer.

 We all had fun looking at how the string blocks can be arranged in patterns.

Diamonds, and then we tried chevrons and "W's".

But everybody liked the diamonds best! Notice that we chomped enough chocolate to need to open the second dispenser, LOL!

Lastly, let me again make my apologies to Jennifer, from Freecycle, who had come to the shop to meet up with me. She was hoping to receive a gift of extra fabric from my deep stash. Yikes! I had forgotten to bring the bag of goodies for her, so we'll try again next Friday.  I am so sorry, Jennifer!

Happy quilting!


Janet O. said...

I'll bet Dianna was over the moon to receive that beautiful quilt!
Looks like things were really hopping at the Golden Gese shop.
Don't you hate it when you forget things like that bag of fabric?

gayle said...

Even riding in Boston traffic is scary; I can't imagine driving in it! Glad you had fun at the reunion, and that Dianna got one of your lovely quilts. (I have no doubt she was thrilled with it, too!)

Wendy Caton Reed said...

50 years! Good for Felix (and you of course). Looks like you had fun and I'll bet his cousin is still reeling with excitement about receiving such a wonderful gift.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Beautiful gift for your friend. Great start on the string quilt--I keep telling myself I am going one some day

audrey said...

Your quilt is lovely! It really is a wonderful feeling to gift a quilt to someone who truly appreciates it. I lOVE that feeling.:)

Nann said...

It's great you could go to the reunion. The years smooth over the differences (oh, the jocks and the cheerleaders and all the various groups that seemed to be so important back then). Lovely quilt, and how nice to present it in person.

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