Thursday, October 8, 2015

Potomac Pears Bounty

Tuesday and Wednesday it felt great to be back to my regular schedule of sewing. Below is Sue, over at the Alton, New Hampshire Senior Center where we enjoy The Sunshine Quilting Club.

Sue was proud to spread out her glorious progress on her Easy Hourglass Quilt! Link.

The focus fabric is a beautiful vintage floral that Sue scooped up at a yard sale for $18 for 5 yards!!
Good deal, Sue!

She is going to do 12 blocks by 12 blocks so it will be a big quilt. Already Sue has one third done and she has asked me to quilt it for her on the rented longarm at Ellen Peters' Studio in Laconia, New Hampshire.

We took a brief interlude to enjoy the Senior Center's Continental Breakfast that is only offered on Tuesdays for a $2 donation. There was yummy scrambled eggs with cheese and sausage patties, pancakes with maple syrup, bananas with cold cereal, juice, yogurt, bagels and cream cheese, and of course, coffee and tea or milk.

There was a new gal named Carol who joined us in the sewing area after breakfast. Carol got to cut apart one of my own Easy Hourglass blocks. Good job, Carol!!

I had wanted to squeeze out the last two Scrappy Jacob's Ladder blocks of the 36 that I need.

Success! Here is the last one completed.

On Wednesday, in the lovely soft Autumn air, Felix and Bella harvested the fruit from a breed of tree called Potomac Pears that had come into season at Park Hill Farm.

Felix and I had planted these trees about 10 years ago,  so it was very special.

There must've been 3 bushels of pears!

Wheee! I took a big basket over to the Senior Center to share the bounty and gave a smaller basket to my neighbors and dear friends, Ilse and Alfred.

In other quilty news, Husband Wonderful, my Felix, received a package today that mystified him until he opened it and discovered this:

Ahem! "Oh, I think that this must be something that the "Birthday Elves" ordered for me to give to you," he chuckled. And, Yes, it must be," I replied smugly. Hee hee hee!
I didn't mention that there is a second quilty book yet to arrive, LOL! The concrete dragon didn't tell, either.

 Happy quilting!


cityquilter grace said...

nice book that felix chose....have a happy! and anxious to see more from the book!

Janet O. said...

I do believe I once had some of that fabric Sue is using!
Do you think Carol will become a regular now that she has seen how much fun you gals are? : )
I love that you are wearing your "Serendipity" T-shirt.
Aren't fresh pears wonderful? My Dad's tree got some infection this year and we only got a few healthy pears. : (
Oh, the birthday elves are so clever, aren't they? And they have great taste!! *LOL*
Hope you have a wonderful birthday, my friend!

gayle said...

Looks like the Birthday Elves are very smart! Have a happy one!
And yay for the Jacob's Ladder blocks! I'm already looking forward to the finished quilt.

Wendy Caton Reed said...

First of all, you look great in your new "orphan block" t-shirt. It has been a wonderful year for apples and pears and you certainly have a bountiful harvest. And I think the mystery gift is adorable! I'll have to remember that on my birthday!

Janet said...

Smart!! Ordering your own birthday presents! Looks like a fun quilting time with your friends. We have a seniors breakfast in my town too, but I never get to go because I'm always working. Wonderful to have fresh pears!

Megan said...

I'm like Janet O - jumping in to say that I have some of that fabric that Sue is using in my stash. It's quite an old one - 20-25 years perhaps? I always get a kick out of seeing fabrics on blogs that I also own. Given that I've cut riiiight back on fabric purchases in recent years and have become more focussed on stashbusting, that now means spotting these older fabrics.

Sydney, Australia

Nann said...

Random acts of birthday presents -- what a treat!

That floral looks very much like one of the prints from Lillian's legacy (about which I wrote today). I will try to remember to snap a picture to share with you. I washed two loads of Lillian's fabric and now need to iron it (perfect activity for Antiques Road Show and History Detectives).

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