Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all! We enjoyed the holiday at home with good food, visits from neighbors and family time.
Yesterday I had booked the big machine for a studio day at Ellen Peters' Cat's Whiskers Quilting Studio.
I've been antsy to get Midnight Blues quilted for Matthew and Bella in their new little apartment in Alton. Here's Ellen loading the quilt for me.

The backing is that very dark blue flannel that is almost purple. I had ordered it from Thousands Of Bolts (Link) and prewashed it to allow for any shrinkage.

My quilt top measured 88" x 88" before quilting.

The piecing is my adaptation of Kim Brackett's lovely design from her book, Scrap Basket Surprises.

We chose a variegated blue thread in the medium value range and I used another 3 yards of my Warm & White 100% Cotton batting.

I haven't quilted on Ellen's big Handi Quilter Fusion machine in at least a couple of months and my muscles sure did get tired!

But I'm glad that I persevered. My quilting pattern was this simple freehand hearts and loops across the quilt.

You may click on any picture to enlarge it.

After a couple of  "York Peppermint Patties breaks" while Ellen changed out the spent bobbins, the quilt was really coming along.

Ellen trimmed off some excess batting and we were done in 1½ hours! For me, that's very fast.

I think it was Midnight the cat who was completely nonchalant about my finish, or maybe he was not amused by my having quite forgotten to bring any supplies of my catnip mice. How dare I?

The finished quilting looks wonderful, in spite of studio cat opinions, and I'm very pleased with it.

Fellow quilter, Linda, was there and was working on an Easter quilt for her granddaughter.

Linda's quilt had been quilted by Ellen in a large spiral pattern. Nice work, Ellen!

Ellen had also recently finished a shared batik Fat Quarter friendship quilt that she had quilted for herself.

The quilting pattern is stunning!

The fans are so graceful!

We were all curious as to just what the #12 handwritten notation was for on Ellen's label. She explained that it is the twelveth quilt for this year. And March isn't even over yet!!

May you  all be as prolific as you want to be!

As for this post, it will be linked to Oh Scrap! Link.
And linked to Love Laugh Quilt. Link.

Happy quilting!


Janet O. said...

My back aches just thinking about standing and quilting for that long! Good work, despite the cat's opinion.
I'm curious, did Ellen have to stop and start for each fan, or were they connected somehow? Inquiring minds want to know. : )

Kate said...

Midnight Blues turned out beautifully. Lots of other beautiful quilts in the shop too. Those quilted fans are gorgeous.

gayle said...

What a feast of quilts!
It looks like you got quite a workout quilting Midnight Blues! (Some people have to join a gym to get that - and they don't even end up with a pretty quilt!)

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