Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Some Indoor Fun

My "Christmas" Cactus is a wee bit headstrong about blooming whenever she feels like it. I enjoy the display!

On a quilty note,  my progress has been very slow on Matthew's quilt. But below you can see that two of the opposing piano key borders are now sewn on, (top and bottom) and the second set is, at last, sized correctly and pinned on, ready to sew. The first photo shows where I came up too short!

Now that the regular household washday is all caught up, I'll be prewashing a deep blue wide flannel
backing for "Midnight Blues." Working with all this blue has been very challenging for me. I'm a red person,  LOL!

As a red-loving person, this next  photo was much more fun for me to arrange. It is my "Stars In A Time Warp" inspired by Barbara Brackman with my two newly sewn Marcus Brothers Textiles "Victoria Park" pillowcases.

At the Alton, New Hampshire, Senior Center, we all enjoyed a very healthy dose of Show & Tell. Joyce, below left, had brought in a quilt that she had completed before she joined us in The Sunshine Club.

Looks great, Joyce!!

We also had an "almost" finish as Diane worked on her hand hemming of her brightly colored donation quilt. Nice work, Diane!!

The director of the center, Roney (pronounced Row NAY), popped in to show us the adorable spring bunny garlands. She's been making these from obsolete paint chip samples for our newest decorations now that Valentine's Day has gone by.

Bev, below, was taking a break from her tee shirt quilt to work on making this sign to represent the quilting group. Great sign, Bev!

I was working on my long-neglected Easy Hourglass Quilt by Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Company. Link.

It was a very fun day and I wasn't the only quilter who chomped a little chocolate and some tasty trail mix. Thanks, Bev!

Later, I snapped a picture of this enchanted sunset for you. Enjoy!

This post is linked to Em's Scrap Bag and I hope you will enjoy it! Link.

Happy quilting!


Stacey said...

Very nice Vic. Love your Stars in a Time Warp quilt. And that sunset!

cityquilter grace said...

ooh such a pretty blue quilt...kudos to you for venturing out of your red box...LOL! and your pillowcases look sooo nice on top of that quilt

gayle said...

I absolutely love the way you set your Stars in a Time Warp stars. So perfect. And red! 8)

Janet O. said...

Your Christmas Cactus is so pretty. I wish mine would take a cue from yours and finally bloom!
Your new Victoria Park pillowcases looks excellent with your Stars in the Time Warp quilt!
That is a gorgeous sunset shot. You and I would have a good time sharing sunset photos. : )

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Ugh Christmas Cactus--I have had it for two years and I have one bloom! I may introduce it to the compost pile! Your Stars in a Time Warp is beautiful--red is also my favorite color

Wendy Caton Reed said...

What a wonderfully full post. I love seeing all that your group accomplishes. I think your blue quilt is sensational, but I have to admit I like the stars better myself! Thank you for the beautiful sunset photo too. Oh, and as for your cactus, mine is doing the same thing. Perhaps they are thinking Easter!

straythreads said...

beautiful quilts you gals always look like you are having so much fun gorgeous sunset and flowers
thanks I'm tired of a white beige tan landscape

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