Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Good Choices!

Friday Quilters gathered at the Golden Gese Quilt Shop on 22 Liberty Street in Concord, New Hampshire for some quilty fun!

Here's Maureen, below, who's been working on some banners for the raffles at the Laconia Senior Center. Nice work!

Maureen made the Hunter's Star with what she calls, "the easy way" with Half Square Triangles instead of "Y" seams. Looks terrific!

Beverly, below, is making forward progress on her "Storyteller's" Block Of the Month by Nancy Gere of Windham fabrics. Don't get discouraged, Bev, it's all worth it in the end!!!

Lil' Claire was working on some microwaveable bowl potholders, look at this!

See the pretty rounded corners? Those are the latest design modification and so practical, too.

Although I quite forgot to snap some pictures of my progress on those neutral strings, let me, instead, briefly take you home to Park Hill Farm's sunny window where the Christmas Cacti are blooming already!!!

I call this one the white one, even though it sports a blush of pink on the trumpets.

A second cactus is also blooming in a lovely salmon color. Thanks to my neighbor, Ilse, I own several wonderful varieties.

Truly, I must confess, that on a routine Dr.'s visit, my car auto-piloted itself over to The Mothership, also known as Keepsake Quilting's retail store on Wednesday. What fun!

Summer shoppers have departed, but their Outlet Store still has neat bargains to peruse.

Karen helped me by cutting two yards of each of my four selections in rose pinks, lights and darks.

Then she took my picture to post here for you and she did a good job of it, thank you, Karen!

Today, early in the day, Sue and I worked at selling raffle tickets at a small room near the voter's exit at the Alton, New Hampshire, Pearson Road Community and Senior Center.

We did well and ran out of tickets around 10:30am. Bake Sale choices did well, too.

Lots of folks asked me if I had voted yet and I teased them by saying that I hadn't yet voted because I am a "political refugee from Gilmanton Iron Works!"

My feet were tired from standing and I was glad to sit down while Husband Wonderful drove Ilse and me to the polling place at the Academy Building, as our town hall is known. It's great to be an American and vote!!!
Miss Emma Lynne guarded the house by napping on my Davy Crockett Log Cabin. Good dog!

Here's to making good choices!

Happy quilting!


Janet O. said...

As always, you ladies are up to fun things.
LOVE the cacti in bloom. Oh, I hope mine blooms this year. I bought it just after Christmas on clearance last year and the blossoms were gone. I don't even know what color it is. That white one of yours is gorgeous!
Funny how the car can sometimes have a mind of its own, isn't it? *LOL*
Such peace of mind when you know your home is protected by a napping dog while you go vote. : )

cityquilter grace said...

perhaps the previous owner of the car was also a quilter???? that would explain the auto pilot...lol

Wendy Caton Reed said...

It is great to have choices no matter the outcome! I wish my doctor's office was near a quilt shop! It makes the appointment so much more pleasant. Thanks for sharing!

Cathy said...

Beautiful Christmas Cactus! I used to have a couple of big ones for years but they died the year my husband had cancer. After all these years I'm going to have to get myself a couple of new ones!

And so what will you do with those beautiful fabric purchases? Surely you have something definite in mind!

I voted after work and no one was around! Good thing because I hate crowds and lines! God Bless America!

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