Sunday, November 6, 2016

Around the Town

Voting and elections will temporarily displace The Sunshine Club from the Pearson Road Community Center in Alton, New Hampshire, but Tuesday we had fun together! We'll meet at the church instead.

Here are Sue and Bev, below, both hand quilting their respective large quilts. Way to go, ladies!!

Mary, below, impressed us with all the homework that she did to put together all of her scrappy string blocks into a top.

She had decided to put a diamond shape of yellow-stripped blocks in the center as a focus pattern, and it looks terrific!

Mary also was doing some cutting of cute little white felt snowmen to stuff for tree or wreath ornaments. These are adorable!

Below, I am pictured with my 100 deep stack of neutral strings that all need revamping, whew! Step by step, I'm eating the elephant.

First, I pair up two string blocks in alternating directions, but with right sides together.

Then I draw a diagonal line with an ink pen on the reverse side of one of the blocks, and sew down ¼"  on either side of it, not on the line, that is.

Sometimes it's advantageous to select the block that gets the line carefully. I like one with a wide center strip. After they are sewn, I cut them apart for the "Lover's Knot" blocks

 I've used both scissors and a rotary cutter and they both work well.

Whenever I'm tired, sitting down with a plain old pair of scissors feels fine!

I also wanted to tell you that my dear friend, Marge, in Arkansas, sent me a box filled with pretties like these pumpkin decorations and a small quilt. Thank you, Marge, I love reds!

Miss Emma Lynne, and her buddy Mr. Tipper, have been searching out their favorite bright bits of green grass to nibble together.

I swear that they must be part cows or goats, LOL! but they keep each other company so who could mind?

May you all enjoy some amicable companionship. Happy quilting!

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Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

My eyes lit up when you shared your stack of string blocks. I love what you are doing with them. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap! I always like to see what you ladies are all up to!

Kimberly Smith said...

Love your stack of neutral strings!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

One day I am going to work up the courage to do a string quilt. Your doggie and kitty are constant sources of joy

Janet O. said...

All of the voting in our valley is taking place via mail-in ballots. I used to be a poll worker and though they were exhausting, I loved election days.
Wow--that is a serious stack of string blocks!
Sweet little red and white quilt. You may have to start a wall of them. : )
Love the stories about your furry family members.

Miaismine said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures of your hand quilters! I appreciate the string quilts and your mini tutorial on creating a new look for them! Thank you for sharing!

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