Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Our trees are mostly ghostly!

The winds and rain (Hooray!) over the weekend have stripped off all of the leaves.

The occasional exceptions are the hearty oak trees, still clinging onto their bronze shimmers.

But these are a few pictures that I took last weekend to celebrate our Fall foliage.

On a quilty note, my dear friend, Janet, sent me one of her fabulous miniature quilts and some of her hand made  herbal soaps as a belated birthday gift to me.

Thank you, Janet!! If you haven't yet visited Janet's blog, "Rogue Quilter," then click HERE . You're in for a treat!

At the Tuesday meeting of The Sunshine Club at the Alton, New Hampshire, Senior Center, we had lots of fun and chomped a few chocolates.

Sue, hidden by the quilt top, was working on finishing up a UFO that she had set aside, while Bev looks on admiringly.

Bev, below, is making more decisions on where and how she may choose to do more hand quilting on her quilt.

Ooops! "Technical difficulties, please stand by..."

Sue spent quite a bit of time using the big tables to sandwich her quilt with the snazzy red backing, Warm & Natural batting, and her pretty Black, Red, and White quilt top.

First, we pressed her pieced backing seams open, then flipped the backing over.

Sue had used a coupon at Joann's for the best price on a king sized batt.

She harvested the excess trimmings carefully to use for "Franken-batts," which will be cobbled together for baby quilts. Way to go, Sue!

Marjorie, seen below, joined us with her yoyo's pillow project, all bright pinks and black. We were glad to see her!

I forgot to take a picture of what I was working on, but in the above photo, you can see one of my neutral strings blocks.

Mary, seen below, was gleefully showing us her latest batch of fantasy cuddle toys for tots.

I say gleefully because these are selling so briskly at a local consignment shop, that the owner there has now raised their prices to $22 per toy. Now that's validation of your work!

These are her own design and are made to not be too scary for a wee child.

While we celebrated all the blessed rain over the weekend, I was very glad to learn that my dear friend, Ilse, now has some water in her previously gone-dry well. She is so happy! The photo below is Ilse in August, on her 84th birthday.

Her two rain barrels are also full to the brim! Thank you to all of you who offered up prayers to The Almighty in our behalf as we survived this severe drought in New Hampshire.

Miss Emma Lynne prefers cuddling on the futon to the rain outside. If it's really pouring, she just looks at me and refuses to go out to do her duty. She says she's made of sugar and will melt. Hmmm.

Hope that you are enjoying a great day sewing or quilting or just hanging out for Halloween.

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Janet O. said...

Oh, your Fall photos take me back to wonderful days in New England in October--canoeing on one of the many lakes with the Fall colors all around is a favorite memory!
Glad you like your little quilt. I hope you have taken it out of the plastic by now! LOL
Happy things going on in your neck of the woods--so glad Ilse now has water!!
Maybe Emma Lynne is related to the wicked witch that melted in water---oh, couldn't be. She is too sweet for those kinds of relatives, isn't she?

gayle said...

Nobody does Autumn like New England! Thanks for those lovely photos!

Feathers in my Nest said...

Hi Vic..What pond is that...I think I know but not positive.
Miss Emma looks very content. Must be your quilt!

Miaismine said...

That mini quilt birthday gift is so beautiful! Love blocks set on point! I didn’t see a hoop on Bev’s quilt. Maybe she took it off while she decides on what to do next? I am trying hand quilting for the first time and realized I like it so much better without a hoop – it just seems easier. I’m quilting a 5 inch row of my Quilty 365. Am I making a mistake? Thank you for sharing!

Nancy said...

You are like my daughter: you're both able to keep a birthday going for a few days or a week. It is fun when those birthday gifts come in the mail. Beautiful photos of your autumn leaves. I often wish the autumn color could last a little longer. Looks like you and your friends had fun quilting together.

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