Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Happy Things!

Friday and Tuesday were busy days for me sewing at my respective bees. Friday quilters had a beautiful quilt by Marianne that was just back from being quilted, called Summer In The Park. She used all batiks and the binding is already attached but not hand sewn yet. Good work, Marianne!

Sue was working on a set of curved placemats for a round table and was using a long dresden-type piece.

Here's one, below, that shows it better.

Maureen was doing some traditional style placemats with flying geese units.

These will look fabulous!

Bev was working on her Storytellers blocks and making good headway.

But she spotted one block that had an error. The blue in those 4-patches seen below are supposed to be all in a line and there's one 4-patch turned wrong!

Now these are correct, below. Do you see the difference? It's subtle but it's there.

The blocks for Storytellers are so beautiful!

We were all invited to make up a pink 12½" block to be put into a sampler memorial quilt for our friend, Darlene, who recently passed away of cancer. I went home and made this pinwheel star.

This is what the center pinwheels looked like as they were being cut out and yes, they are rather low contrast, hmmm. Oh well!

When I got over to my Tuesday Sunshine Club, I was all set to show how to do HST's cut from strips using a 90° right triangle ruler.

I use both the old Omnigrid #96, and the EZ Angle, which I find to be interchangable. We looked at two sizes, both the 2½" strip that finishes at 2" in the quilt, and also the 4½" strip that makes an HST that finishes at 4" in the quilt.

When I got home, I did a few more strip sets for those Starstruck units that I never seem to have enough of, LOL!

And when Missouri Star Quilt Company offered free shipping a few days ago, I ordered up another Bella red solids charm pack, seen above, to cut into 2½" squares.

Soon I had a few more units made!

I'm well over halfway to the 400 units that I want to make, yippee!

And if I get bored, I stop and indulge myself in sewing a few natural sachets filled with heady scents of French Lavender and Dried Rose Petals.

Speaking of heady scents, my Rosemary plant is in full bloom now and looking magnificent, yeay!

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Happy sewing!


Janet O. said...

Those Storyteller blocks are beautiful!
And I think you low contrast Pink block is very pretty.
I was tempted by that Missouri Star "no shipping" deal, but with a compromised credit card, I figured it saved me some money. : )
Do you bring your Rosemary indoors in the winter?

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Happy is right! What fun you all have. Thanks for sharing!

justducky65 said...

You sure do keep yourself busy! I think your block in memory of your friend Darlene is darling - such a nice project to be a part of. I'll bet those sachets smell heavenly. I wonder if they would relieve stress? Isn't the smell of lavender supposed to do that?

cityquilter grace said...

very newsy post....and love your reds!

Feathers in my Nest said...

You always know where the great deals are! ha,ha.
Love your little sachets! I bet they smell wonderful.
I'm still leaving a window open at night to sleep. feels so good.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Rosemary smells heavenly and has the sweetest little blue blooms. My credit card is on a no shopping diet

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