Monday, October 17, 2016

Birthday Blessings

Today, I am delighted to have another birthday! It sure beats dying young, LOL! It's great to be 67!

Friday was the celebration of all the October birthdays at the Golden Gese and we had a great time!
Maureen had to leave early before I had arrived, but she left a whole bag of birthday goodies for me.
Thank you, Maureen!

A lawn ornament Flamingo that paid for a donation to a children's leukemia fund. Love it, thanks!

A hand made knitted dish washing cloth in cotton yarn. Thanks!

A nice big bag of Balsam Fir needles for my sachets, boy, I'll use that, thanks!

A really cool plastic fish-shaped soap drainer so your bar of soap stays fresh, good idea, thanks!

And how about a sign that declares, "Fabric Hoarder?" LOL!! We all screamed with laughter when I opened that one, thanks Maureen, for all your gifts and the lovely embroidery card that you made.

Sue gave me the most beautiful porcelain coffee/tea mug that reads, "Victoria" and a kit to make up into a tea book caddy that will hold my tea bags. Thanks so very much, Sue!

Beverly brought in a fig square which I greedily consumed, having skipped bringing in my lunch.

She has also promised a winter's worth of her famous all natural Applesauce with no sugar added, yummy!

Thank you! Bev was clowning with me for the camera, too!

We had so much fun and Claire had bought a special Rainbow Cake from Walmart for us to all enjoy.

It was delicious!

We had such fun with all the birthday cards and partying that there wasn't really very much sewing going on. But to keep this post a little bit quilty, Claire was almost finished with her pretty Fall Log Cabin Table Runner.

It is so pretty and she used such small logs in all Fall colors.

I think that the name of the magazine she got the pattern from was Quilt Sampler, but not sure of the name.

As for me, I'm slowly hand hemming on the second side of my Summer Poppies quilt, too.

In the lovely Fall air, I did put up my new lawn ornament from Maureen already. These are all the rage here now.

Thank you to everybody for my birthday cheer, even Mr. Tipper, one of my outdoors-only kitties. I am truly blessed to have such good friends both near and far!

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Happy quilting!


cityquilter grace said...

wishing you many more quilty years vic...

Jean Etheridge said...

Happy birthday from Alabama!

straythreads said...

Happy birthday from South Dakota!!!

swooze said...

Happy, happy birthday dear Vic.

Janet O. said...

You are a treasure, Victoria!! I am glad your friends there treated you so well!
That is a really pretty Fall table runner Claire is making. Love those little log cabins. : )

Melanie said...

Happy birthday from Alberta, Canada ��

Feathers in my Nest said...

Happy Birthday Dear Vic! and many more to come.
Glad you had a good time.

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday, Vic. It looks like you were well-celebrated and received many beautiful gifts. (I notice that we are only several months apart in age, mine coming in January.) And here's to a great year ahead, too!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Happy Birthday--looks like your quilty friends helped you to celebrate in style. The log canon runner is a beauty

R & E said...

Happppyyyyy Birrrrrthhhhdddddaaaaaayyyyy!

elaine adair

gayle said...

Happy birthday and happy flamingo, too! Looks like you celebrated in style!

judyquilts said...

Happy Birthday! We share a birthday month, mine is this week also. I say Birthday month because it is always my goal to celebrate all month long. Why not? It's better than the alternative.

Marjorie Hicks said...

Love the pictures friend!

Cathy said...

Happy belated birthday! What fun gifts you received from friends. May you have many more of both (birthdays and friends). Looks like you celebrated in style. (I have a bunch of those flamingo garden ornaments! I kind of use them as stakes or markers for new plants).

Nann said...

Did you realize this is a prime year for you, Vic? Make the most of it!

Bonnie said...

Many happy days for you Vic. It looks like you all had a wonderful celebration. Love the flamingo idea.

beth s said...

Happy birthday!!! What a great celebration you had!

Miaismine said...

Happy Birthday! Lovely gifts and projects!

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