Saturday, October 8, 2016

Busy Busy, Busy!

Lots of Friday quilty fun was going on at The Golden Gese Quilt Shop at 22 Liberty Street in Concord, New Hampshire.
Maureen, seen below, was sewing large pieces of a Red, White, & Blue themed fabric together for her backing.

Also, Maureen had made some stunning embroidered panels to go into Darlene's memorial quilt.

They are just lovely.

Sue, below, was making great pillowcases for Christmas presents. I have a tutorial page on these if you need it.

Claire, below, had finished her Summer In The Park top that is all done in 1930's reproduction fabrics.

Here's a peek at the fabrics closer up.

Soft and happy-looking!

Claire's daughter, Lil' Claire, seen below, also had a fun finish based on these antique trucks. What a clever setting for these printed panels. Love those perky pinwheels!

She also has been working on an adorable penguin quilt top.

This block, below, has its eyes all finished with machine embroidery in black thread. So cute!

But I confess that the quilt that was so impressive was one that Marianne had rescued from a local antique shop, all HAND QUILTED!

It has beautiful Courthouse Steps blocks with an appliqued star in each center and is full sized.

Although it's hard to date things exactly, we figure that this was made in the late 1970's or early 1980's. It has a plain muslin backing and it's all cotton. It might even have been made to celebrate 1976, the year of our country's bicentennial.

We all died when we heard that Marianne had paid $18.00 total for it!! Wow! Great rescue!

Back at home, I had worked on preparing and cutting my binding for my Summer Poppies quilt. Here you see it spread out after quilting and ready to trim.

I used my new kneeling pillow and got it all neatly trimmed up as you can see in the next picture below.

This quilt is 85" by 85" and I just love it!

I know, it's not Civil War era reproductions like I always love, but it is so happy and bright!

When I was home, I worked along on my Starstruck units and got another ten done, with a pinwheel block on the side done, too.

But thanks to Stacey's gift of those 20+ Split 9-Patch blocks, I'm itchin' to be stitchin' on those blocks! They are such fun to see going together.

My goal is to do a couple of the Split 9-Patches a day but to stay current with the Starstruck production, too. We'll see, and that's final!

Lastly, although I don't have it sewn onto the quilt yet, I was able to finish preparing the binding, all starched, pressed in half, and ready to go.

And a HUGE "THANK YOU" is going out to Matthew, for swinging by here on his way home from work to remove the two window unit Air Conditioners!
Now my Christmas Cacti are back where they belong!!! Whoohoo! They've spent the whole summer in a shady area of the deck outdoors, but now that frost is threatening to arrive, so I'm glad that they are safe indoors again.

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Happy sewing!


Janet O. said...

Busy, busy ladies!
Oh, that Summer in the Park is a really sweet, soft looking quilt.
And I am loving your Summer Poppies creation. It is a lovely quilt!
You are keeping lots of different projects going. You must be a good juggler. : )
I have one Christmas Cactus--purchased after Christmas last year when it was no longer blooming. I have no idea what color it is. I hope it will bloom for me this year. I used to grow them years ago, but haven't had one for around 15 years now. Yours look very happy!

Nancy said...

I would not have recognized the poppies quilt as yours, Vic, because it doesn't have your signature reproduction fabrics and not much of your favorite reds, either. But it is beautiful. It looks very calm and restful to me.

I love the colors in your split nine-patch block. I'll be interested to see how you put those together.

--Nancy. (ndmessier @,

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Great rescue--and at such a bargain price, I have a Christmas cactus--it never blooms, whats your secret?

Feathers in my Nest said...

Oh, that antique quilt as my kind of quilt! Gorgeous.
as is yours also. Your cacti are looking wonderful! they loved the shady back yard! I do that too..but have to hang them in a tree facing north.
Okay Vic, time to take a breather & relax a bit. You've been doing too much too soon after being sick.
XO Debra

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Itchin' to be stitchin'! I love it!!

Thanks for sharing all those lovely projects with Oh Scrap! What a find for $18!

beth s said...

Thanks for linking up! What a LOT of inspiration here!

swooze said...

What is the pattern for your poppies quilt? It's lovely

Pale Blue Corner said...

All of your quilts are awesome, but my favourite is the on one with those cute penguins, they are just adorable. Thanks for sharing it!

Kate said...

That antique quilt is stunning, a very lucky find indeed! Summer Poppies turned out beautifully. Love the colors you are using for Starstruck. Have fun stitching on all your projects this week.

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