Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Log Cabin Lunacy!

Whoohoo, it's the Full Moon tonight! I'm celebrating a well cleared off driveway and making the second 16 block run of Log Cabin blocks for Log Cabin Lunacy!

My blocks get dropped upside down on top of an awaiting strip.

Technically, these are random widths from my scrapbag.

But I found myself deliberately choosing strips that seemed to be about a cool 2" wide strip.

No matter how hard I try to be scrappy and free, I do find myself editing the choices for whatever I think will work best in the final outcome of the quilt.

Here they are all stacked, pressed and starched, yippee!

Oops, no, no,  those stacked and pictured above are from last month's batch of blocks. Here are this month's bevy of beauties.

I love that Paula Barnes cheddar strip on the top block!

Today we had fun at the Alton New Hampshire Senior Center with The Sunshine Club, and Mary, seen below, had brought in her sewing machine.

Sue had brought in her stippling/darning foot and sold it to Mary to use for Free Motion Quilting. We got it attached correctly but the lower thread was all loopy when we tried it. Mary will consult her manual for her machine to try to adjust the tension at home.

Sue was hand quilting and it really doesn't show because she has chosen black thread onto the black fabric. I think that when the quilt gets washed it will show up and be lovely with crinkles.

Mary was also trying out some possible layouts with her scrappy double 4-patches.

She has more to make but it's fun to see them and to play with them.

Thank you, Mary, for taking my picture so that I can appear on my own blog! Here I am, cutting away on separating those Lover's Knot blocks.

I had a great day and I hope your winter is wonderful, too!

Linking up to Log Cabin Lunacy sew along over at JulieKQuilts. Link.

Happy sewing!


Nancy said...

Your log cabins looks great, Vic. I think editing fabrics/colors produces a more unified quilt, unless one is going very, very, very scrappy.

Janet O. said...

I love those log cabin blocks--and I can't help editing my "scrap" quilts, either. : )
Mary might want to try NOT dropping her feed dogs. That actually works better on some machines.

cityquilter grace said...

you are ALWAYS the star of your blog vic...lol...and thanks for the snow pix...our ground is bare of course and i am deee-lighted! and don't despair, even us scrappy quilters are a little matchy-matchy

Cathy said...

I was going to say...YOU are sewing log cabins with different strip widths??? Then I saw that you did some editing and ended up with 2 inches. That's the YOU I know and love as well as the blocks I know and love. Whatever floats your boat!!!

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