Friday, January 13, 2017

Mind Over Matter

With the given premise that each living person already has creative talents hidden within them, I value scribbling.

That may seem odd to many folks. Try standing, if you can, in a balanced pose, and reaching up with your own appendages and scribble in the open air. Make circles. Go wide. Narrow it down. Nice and easy.

That exercise of your own dear body has just cleared your own mind to be able to think new thoughts.

Good. Good. Good.

Bread making is a simple form of scribbling, then, isn't it?

Smoothing my fingers through the flour helped me to think clearly again as I made a small loaf.

If you are participating in a very fast-paced game, then you might not be making bread. Still, okay.

You can still clear your mind to begin again.

Happy creating.


Janet O. said...

I used to love shaping bread dough into loaves. Now I just have to smooth the top of the gluten free dough after plopping it into the pan. It just isn't the same. : (

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Making bread is not in my skill set--my husband says I can make a tasty biscuit

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