Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Still Winter Here in New Hampshire!

A fair sized snowstorm is predicted for tomorrow with 6 to 10 inches on the way. Yet this morning was only overcast and chilly, so I got to go to the Sunshine Club quilters at the Alton Senior Center.

Meb was there and had a beautiful blue and white quilt in her hoop for hand quilting.

Her machine piecing is so accurate and the quilting is expert. Here's a better look at it.

Sue was also hand quilting although she doesn't use a hoop. This one is almost done!

Mary was busy volunteering in the kitchen so I used the extra space to layout the piano key borders for my log cabin quilt.

I got them all pinned into place and then brought it home to sew them into position. It was very windy when I got home. That made me attempt a photo shoot just spread over a chair. The results were pretty unsatisfactory, LOL!

These 20 Log Cabin blocks are set in the field and furrows setting and were made quickly with 2½ inch strips. The piano key border went on after an inner border of a light background fabric so about seven inches of length and width was added to the quilt top.

Later in the afternoon the winds died down a bit to allow me to get some better pictures for you.

I even remembered to grab my big steel tape measure and measure it. The top is 70" by 84" so it's a nice twin or a scant double bed size.

I love how it came out and already have an appointment to quilt it at Ellen Peters' studio later this month.

Husband Wonderful has been busy, too, cooking up a brace of oven roasted stuffed chickens. Yummy! We'll enjoy leftovers all week. Thanks, hon!

Happy quilting!


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Still winter here--rain forecast 2-3 inches. Love the piano key border

cityquilter grace said...

i love the border...really makes the quilt....and mmm those chickens look good...i gave up cooking whole ones, way too much for one person to eat...

Janet O. said...

Glad you got to get out, Vic!
Oh, another beautiful log cabin. Can't believe how you can churn these out!!
Looks like you have a great kitchen crew!!

Julierose said...

Snow, freezing rain then rain and then MORE snow forcasted here in SE CT--ugh!!
I love your furrows setting-what a lovely piece you've made:~)))
I wonder, did you precut all those strips or just kind of use the strip and cut it off method? (Which I've always done--) hugs, stay warm Julierose

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