Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

Miss Emma kept us busy with her face full of porcupine quills. We were able to remove about half of them but the rest were taken out by the vet under general anesthesia. She recovered very slowly due to her failing liver but now seems to be fine and happy.

Here are some pictures of what been going on with my two sewing groups. Here's Mary making fingertip towels to sell at crafts fairs.

Maureen was doing a fun advent project for her granddaughter that uses lots of mini stockings in Christmas fabrics.

She is also making beautiful RWB blocks.

They are sewn with a partial seam and a little tricky.

Sue was working on her quilt as you go project. Looks good!

My project was getting some borders onto a charm pack quilt top.

First was the cutting.

Then was the sewing. I got two sides done and have two to go.

The weather has been just too wintery with about 8 or 9 inches of fresh snow to plow and shovel from last night.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Auntie Em said...

Poor Miss Emma! Glad she is feeling better now.
This winter has started off very dismally with lots of rain, sleet and snow. Nice to be able to stay inside and do some sewing.
Happy Thanksgiving!

julieQ said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Such fun projects to work on!!

Janet O. said...

Oh, Vic, that looks like nasty weather for a Thanksgiving week! Hope you can stay warm and cozy indoors.
Glad to know Miss Emma has recovered. What a painful thing for her.
It appears that you and your quilty pals are keeping busy. That is a very pretty charm pack quilt you are putting together.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Kind thoughts for Miss Emma--hope she has recovered. Beautiful fabrics

Nann said...

So good to see your post, Victoria. Hope Emma's muzzle has healed.

Feathers in my Nest said...

Oh Emma...hugs and kisses. Poor baby.

swooze said...

Hope Ms Emma makes a full recovery!

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