Wednesday, March 30, 2011

French Onion Soup

Here is a great soup recipe!

Get six large sweet onions and chop them coarsely.

Put them into a huge pot with about a half a cup of vegetable oil and sweat them over medium heat until they are carmelized.
The carmelization takes longer than you might think, at least 30 minutes.
Next add one box each of beef and chicken broth and heat up the mix. Serve with floating slabs of toast that are sprinkled VERY heavily with shredded Parmesian cheese.

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Cheri said...

I remember as a teen, I was embarrassed when my step mom served visitting missionaries onion soup. I wouldn't eat it then. It wasn't till I later worked in a fancy restaurant I discovered how really good and filling it is! Thanks for the memories and the easy recipe.

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