Monday, March 28, 2011

Fun with Flying Geese

Our weather is STILL very cold and windy today, in spite of all the sunshine. Twenty two degrees this morning!!! Will it EVER be Spring?

My Mount Hood daffodils are up but not growing in this frigid air. They are very hardy, but I worry when the nights are 18 degrees! So I ran over to the next town where there is a supermarket about six miles away and bought two bunches of daffy's for $4 each. ANYTHING, please! Just to pretend it is Spring. I took a couple of bunches over to my sister, Suzanne, too and enjoyed a cup of green tea with her.

But I have done some piecing, too. The little odd triangular pieces for the border units of RRCB are half done. I'll finish those today and work on squaring up the 11" String blocks.
Yesterday I made another 28 flying geese and my pile of them is really growing! Each stack is twenty geese, mostly floral and paisley. They are such fun to make!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Amazing Quilts. Great visual instructs. Victoria, the GEM of the ocean of talents.


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