Wednesday, March 2, 2011

VBG!!! (Very Bad Girl!!!)

I SHOULD be working on my Roll Roll Cotton Bowl blocks, egads, I only need 5 more to have the blocks done! But, NO!

The fancy boutique Children's Couture Shop had sold me some half-yard pieces of the most excruciatingly beautiful fabric. I had already hand-rinsed it in Orvus in the bathroom sink and ironed it dry. It was calling my name. I could not resist the siren's song. I began a new project! Wheeeeeeee! I had a ball!

I have admired so many of the lovely antique flying geese quilts on Ebay and love the red ones in particular. One was a solid turkey red with unbleached muslin with just rows of geese sewn together. It was a classic! Then another one had all unbleached muslin geese with the "sky" or background being all 1930's feedsack brights so that the geese were all a negative space design. So I decided to teach myself how to make my own flying geese quilt!

Ahh, but what size? Just strips of geese, or, geese separated by border fabric? Solids only? Or patterns?

After ruminating a bit while driving my trash to the dump (Oh, excuse me, the RECYCLING CENTER..., Aren't we grand?), I decided to plunge ahead as soon as I got home and cut into my favorite fabric combo of the pretty new ones.

It was an eggplant floral with an intricate paisley of sage greens and rose tones. The speed piecing went well and here are my first 32 geese made in about an hour:

Now, I ask you, wasn't I gonna  make a RED quilt????? LMAO!!! You just never know what the process of creating will do to you, now, do you?

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