Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mailbox Goodies!

When I got home from the parts store with the new wiper assembly, I picked up the mail at the mailbox and was delighted to see that I had received a big squishy envelope from my new friend Shelley in Connecticut. Yippee!
Shelley and I had agreed to trade a set of 20 Cheddar Bow Tie blocks, and I had already sent mine down to her.

Aren't they beautiful? I had requested that Shelley send me matched pairs of two of a kind so that I can do a circular setting rather than just an all diagonal setting, and she was as good as her word. I just love her fabrics! The reds are drop-dead gorgeous; I'm always a sucker for florals, love 'em. But this lavender purple paisley is the one that grabbed my heart. It is already my favorite.
Thank you so very much, Shelley!!!!
But wait, there's more! When I had tucked in a small French Lavender filled sachet into the pouch going to Shelley, she had promised to return the favor with a special treat for me. I had no idea what she would choose to send. What would it be? Well, now the mystery is solved:

It is an absolutely darling, hand-crafted by Shelley, recipe-holding pouch with a button and loop closer, complete with sorting cards and preprinted recipe labels!!!
Oops! My bad. Shelley says that it is a coupon caddy, but that I'm free to use it however is best for me.
How cute! I confess that I may just commandeer this to use as a travel kit bag for taking sewing notions to workshop classes. It is big enough to hold my rotary cutter, scissors, bobbin box, needle case, and sewer's awl. I just love it!
Thank you, Shelley, it is SEW appreciated!

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