Monday, December 12, 2011

Forward Progress on Step 4

Boy, everybody else is so fast on this step! I'm still making string blocks and have about 15 or 16 more to do. But I'm having fun and here are some pictures of my progress.

I have about 40 of the 128 triangles pressed with starch and finished. More tomorrow!
Here I am stting in the almost 60 degree weather popping papers off into my bucket. Felix kindly took the picture as Raven tried to help out!


Sue Daurio said...

Your strings a looking good!! Aww Raven wants to help, what a sweetie!

Laurie said...

Gotta love it when our pets try to help.. lol Love your red strings Vic.

Debra said...

Looking great Vic. Love Raven! They're so inquisitive! Where would we be w/o our loved ones!...Happy sewing... :-)

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