Friday, December 2, 2011

Measuring Up!

Hooray! the newest clue, number 3, is posted for Orca Bay!
Groan! the newest clue, number 3, is posted for Orca Bay!
LOL! I know, Bonnie warned us when she began this mystery quilt the there will be no whining tolerated. So the 350 units of Half Square Triangles of 2" square all get taken with a grain of salt. After all, as Bonnie herself pointed out this morning, that's not as bad as last year with 600 HST's.

I got a late start after serving brunch of bacon & eggs with English muffins and hot tea to my good friends, Alfred and Ilse. They are the elderly couple that are dear friends as well as neighbors. Alfred fell off a ladder trying to repair his roof and although he did not break any bones, he was bruised and shaken up. Alfred is 85 years old and Ilse is 79. We all scolded him for doing such a dumb thing at his age and not telling anybody what he was up to. Felix and Matthew are over there right now to see if they can repair the roof for our friends. Ilse is the one who had sent over the delicious raisin bread babka loaf for our Thanksgiving breakfast.

But I digress. I did cut a few 2" black strips that have a delightful harvest gold star and a bit of red and green in the pattern with some oatmealy bland neutrals. I did starch them as I laid out the doubled pairs to stack for cutting.

Can you tell that I just love stars? They are so trite. I just love them to pieces anyway. LOL.

I cut up a few and then remembered to verify the measurments before I did a whole lot. They came out just perfectly! I was thrilled cause I'm such a sloppy sewer usually. I got 50 sewed and began to press them and clip the dogears.

That's a good start to Step 3 for now.


Laurie said...

Good job Vic.. glad you had a chance to start them... and you're right.. no whining! LOL I haven't even finished my Step 1 yet.. I think I have 100 done. I'll get to it... but I've been spending the evenings making neutral string blocks with my featherweight for my Jamestown Landing.

And your sewing/piecing accuracy is pretty darn good! I didn't see any problems with the bow ties we exchanged. *hugs*

Elaine Adair said...

Looking good! 8-)) I have #2 done, and more than half of #1. Ran out of black/white! Too bad, need to go back to my LQS!!!

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