Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve Reflections

This Christmas present tee shirt from Felix really sums up my attention span!!!

Our big present from my niece was a trip to the Christa McAulliff Planetarium which is now called the Discovery Center. It was great fun! I even learned how to find the constellations, "Little Dog", and "Big Dog" by siting off to the left of Orion's belt.
We also enjoyed a family Christmas visit over to my sister Suzanne's house in Wolfeboro. She has just gotten an electric fireplace heater and it looks so nice and adds heat to the room, too.
We enjoyed lots of little Christmas presents and Suzanne loved the pillowcase that I'd saved just for her. She is quite the organic gardener so the pillowcase has all the names of the herbs on it.

So my family time did get me away from the Orca Bay mystery quilt. I am almost finished with Step 6, but I have a few more blocks to do. The neatly pressed piles of black stars and white stars keeps growing.
Usually, I just blindly follow along with Bonnie's steps and do not even try to guess where it will go. But now it is Step 7 and Step 8 is due out tomorrow morning for New Years Day.
If I'm gonna make a guess, I'd better do it now! LOL! So here's what seems to fit as units that we've done so far. I only had made 3 of the big geese units but you can get the idea of how a big block might look. Who knows? Bonnie may have more surprises for us yet!

New Year's Eve is a very special anniversary of my letting go of smoking and living tobacco-free. It has given me the gift of time and wanting to do something with my hands, which became quilting. Without Chantix, and a lot of support from the folks over at the chat room, I never would have made it. Life is so much better now that it has been three years of living free. Maybe my points aren't perfect on my stars, but I'm not smoking and I'm not missing or wanting cigarettes any more. After 2 packs a day for 43 years, I love the new me!
I'm also proud of having done much better this year at keeping up with Bonnie's steps! Last year, I only finished the top with the pieced borders of Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll by mid April.

The year before that, it took 13 months to complete Yankee Christmas.

Can it be that, at 62 years old, I am finally developing the self-discipline to finish what I start? WoooHooo!!


Linda said...

I just wanted to stop in and pat you on the back for your job "Well Done" getting rid of the cigs. I well understand your pride in kicking them because I was also a life long smoker. I went cold turkey about 10 years ago and have never looked back. Isn't it great to be free?!!!
And I'm lovin' this Orca Bay. My first Bonnie mystery and for sure will NOT be my last. I'm using pale pinks and lime green strings with dark choc & white orcas. I'm a bit behind but enjoying every step.

Laurie said...

YAY Vic! Love the t-shirt... going to have to tell hubby to find me one.. hehehe

Happy New Year!!

Saska said...

Oh my! You've done a wonderful job on these quilts!

I was at one of Bonnie's workshops and she told somebody that your points aren't chopped off...they're just inside the seam! Love it!

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