Wednesday, September 2, 2015

"Pink Pointsettias"

Yippee, skippee, it's Wednesday and time for Barbara Brackman's (link)discussion about authentic Civil War era reproduction fabrics!! I love today's Manganese Bronzes' topic and here is what I've pulled so far for possibilities.

You may click on any picture to enlarge it.

Such fun to design with these Civil War selections!

Miss Bella and I worked on rinsing the little watermelon dress three times and then washed it in a synthrapol type of detergent to help fix the colors that we had dyed the night before.

Now we are waiting for the little dress to dry completely before we put on the "seeds" which we are doing with a sharpie black fine point marker.

 If you'd like to learn more about how to do this project, here is the link.

-Later this afternoon:

Bella got the seeds carefully drawn onto both the front and back of the dress using a large plexiglass lap board between the two layers of the front and back so that there would be no bleed through of the marker ink.

The seeds took some time to accomplish and I encouraged Bella to go slowly to do a good job.

She had practiced drawing out the teardrop shapes on paper first and, therefore, she had confidence when she worked on the actual dress. I insisted that a proper designer must sign her name and she did! How cool is that!

This is the finished dress with the fiber artist.

The back of the dress looks good, too.

We did choose the "Ultra Fine" Sharpie black marker for the date and the signature.

Congratulations, Bella!!

Our fun on Tuesday at The Sunshine Club was marred by Pauline's injury when she accidentally cut her left index finger with a rotary cutter while helping Beverly.
In spite of my warnings to "Watch your fingers," she allowed her index finger to rest over the edge of the ruler and got cut.
The poor dear needed 5 stitches, ouch! Hope you feel better soon, Pauline!! These photos were taken just before the incident, with Pauline on the left and Beverly on the right, cutting correctly.

Pauline, earlier, was very happy to model her two knitted scarf projects.

That's the teal blue one, above, and below, here is the pink. Nice work, Pauline!!!

Sue, who crept into that last shot above, had a marvelous day doing straight line quilting on her electric blue strippy.

She is almost done with the quilting! You go, Sue!

Below is Marjorie, who joined us a bit late, but is always welcome. Marge is still cranking out those pink and black yo yos for her pillow project. Looking good, Marge!

No one took my picture because I forgot to ask them to do so, but I chomped a few chocolates with everybody else, and sewed on my binding.

What was wonderful is that I was able to finish it after breakfast this morning!!!

Wheee, my Bonnie K. Hunter mystery design from November of 2014 called Grand Illusion is done!

Thank you so very much, Bonnie, for your free mysteries each Fall!

Although this quilt's instructions have already been taken down from the free zone, you may purchase this "Oh-so-worth-it" pattern from this Link.
I quilted this large queen of 90" X  90" on Ellen Peters' rented longarm with a simple hearts and loops freehand design. It might be easier to see the quilting on the back?

 I have yet to make a label which will credit Bonnie K. Hunter, but I think that I'd like to call this "Pink Poinsettias."

I just love how it came out!!

I'm hoping to post to the Binding Blitz over at Juliekquilts when she puts it up, or did she say we are skipping August? Not sure that I recall, LOL!

Yes, yes, here's the link to JulieKquilts, check it out! Link.

In the meantime, I'm linking with A Lovely Year Of Sewbittersweet designs. link.

Happy quilting!


cityquilter grace said...

nice grand illusion....bonnie is a gem!

Janet O. said...

The watermelon dress turned out great!
Ohhh, too bad about Pauline's finger. Hope it doesn't slow her down for long.
WooHoo for your finished Grand Illusion! I like your choice of name. Looks wonderful!

gayle said...

Oh, I cringed just reading about Pauline's finger! Ow ow ow!
Your quilt is lovely! I'm looking forward to Bonnie's next mystery. (I might even jump in...)

Feathers in my Nest said...

The dress came out perfect!yay.
Your fabrics are Gorgeous as usual.
Oh, poor Paulene! hoping she's a fast healer.
Beautiful finish on your Grand Illusion.

Debra in Ma.

helen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
helen said...

Best wishes for Pauline!
Congratulations for your Grand Illusion Quilt!!
I have seen many of them on the internet but yours turned out the
most beautiful in my eyes!
I love the colors you chose and the fabric for the binding
is very pretty, too!
Great work, you can be proud!
Best wishes!

helen said...

PS: And I appreciate it always that the pictures are bigger when clicking on them to have a better look!
Another point I appreciate is when you precise what fabric you are using and you take pictures
of them with the selvages.
Very helpful, thank you!

straythreads said...

you have been busy! love the watermelon dress
have a great weekend

Cathy said...

That watermelon dress is cute and it's no illusion...Pink Poinsettias is grand! Congrats on another finish! Woohoo.

Quilter Kathy said...

Very cool dress!
And your version of Grand illusion is fabulous!
Congrats on the finishes!

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