Sunday, November 8, 2015

Out There Gallavanting

Friday was so unseasonably warm and balmy that none of us from the Downstairs Gang could face being indoors. I took the day off from sewing to visit Keepsake Quilting's retail store for their Fat Quarter Sale.

Regular print FQ's are priced at $2.50 each, but for the sale they were $1.25, a really nice price!

There were not a huge selection of my beloved Civil War reproductions, but I found 30 to bring home with me for the princely sum of $37.50.

I drooled over the beautiful fabrics in the neutrals and lights aisle but the $11+ per yard prices drove me away from any further purchases.

All in all, it was a good haul and I was very happy with my choices!

Back on Tuesday, The Sunshine Club met at the Alton, New Hampshire Senior Center.

Sue, above and below, was proud to finish assembling her big top of Easy Hourglass blocks.

The  top was difficult to photograph for all of it's approximately 96" square size! Below is a snapshot of it folded into quarters for Sue to be able to hold it up. Good going, Sue!!!

Beverly, below, was stitching sashings onto some of her soccer tee shirt quilt blocks. Note the chocolate in the foreground to keep us all sane, LOL! And yes that's a vintage slant-needle 401 Singer that she's using! Let me know what you'd pay for that one if you are interested. Well-packed shipping from New Hampshire will run about $75, so consider that factor.

Marge, below, was doing great work on sewing her pretty pink and black yoyos into rows.

Then, on Saturday, I enjoyed going to the charming little "Pumpkin & Pine" church fair in North Barnstead, New Hampshire. This is where the "Bird Houses" quilt that I had quilted and finished for the Women's Fellowship was raffled.

Can you see the quilt in the background hanging up for display?

There was a wonderful silent auction of donated treasures and I bid and won three lots, wheee!

It was lovely to see that the quilt display had the corner pinned up to show my little label, too!

I couldn't resist acquiring the following treasures at the Pumpkin & Pine Fair. First was this group of antique milk bottles (yes, two of them are cream bottles), which make perfect vases for your spring daffodils. They were $3 each.

I also won this very primitive red chalk paint dolly bed with a cloth doll. Won't it be fun to sew a quilt for her??? The lot was won for $12.

I was thrilled to also win this lot of four pretty Cranberry Glass vases for a whopping $15 bid. Oh, my! None are signed but all are hand blown. They are dainty, with the largest one only 6" tall.

Probably the most interesting item was this 12½" serving Imari-type platter that I think is from Japan?

The back is filled with marks and chops that may be for the tourist trade, but I am unsure whether it is Chinese or Japanese.

Why did no one else want this lovely platter with it's hand painted gilt lions? I'm giving it a good home for the princely sum of $3.

On the way home, I stopped off at my dear friend and neighbor, Ilse's house. She gave me both a bouquet of her fragrant "Winter Daisies"(a very hardy late-blooming variety of chrysanthemums), and a couple of roots for them as well. Thank you so very much, Ilse!!

We never know in New England what kind of a winter Mother Nature will bring us. All I know is that my huge Ash tree that holds my clothesline has created more seeds this year than I've ever seen in twenty odd years of living here. Look at this!

They are all so pretty in their wheaty tawny brown tones. Don't you just love them?

I love those tans in my quilting palette, too! Nature is so inspiring!

Happy quilting!


gayle said...

Oh, I do miss living within driving distance of Keepsake. I couldn't go there often, but it was fun to go and drool once in a while... What a bargain you caught!
Enjoy your Winter Daisies! They sound wonderful.

Elaine Adair said...

via Feedly - oh my, what a haul of fabrics, and also the extras from the fair. The cranberry items are making me drool!!!

cityquilter grace said...

nice auction haul there....lovely cranberry glass vases...

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Great finds and bargains at Keepsake--probably a good thing I do not live close. You won some great lots!

Janet O. said...

Wish I could have been there to meet up with you this time around at KQ! When I was there a couple of months ago the CW section was just a couple of round displays in the entryway, but we still found plenty to make us happy in the 25 cent bin and the sale room. In fact, my red burgoyne surrounded is from a fabric I got there.
You are always having so much fun and I catch my smile growing wider as I read.
I love your finds--especially the milk/cream bottles and the doll bed!

Wendy Caton Reed said...

What fun! I love that birdhouse quilt! And yes, your Ash tree did produce a load of seeds. I think I have seen many signs that say it will be a long winter. Hope so for quilting, not for shoveling!

Feathers in my Nest said...

Lovely basket of FQ's!.and beautiful Cranberry glass too...What a fun time you had..

kathy said...

Vic, I think Japanese Imari style. Always fun to have. love the cranberry glass

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