Saturday, November 28, 2015

Seeing Red?

I like red. When I needed to choose a color for the darks of my Quarter-Square Triangle blocks, it just had to be red! The driveway has been too windy and rainy and cold for layouts so I was using my tiny guestroom floor. Half the blocks are the Stars In A Time Warp, from Barbara Brackman's wonderful sew along, with the alternate blocks as QST's. Civil War Quilts

Bonnie K. Hunter's methods for construction helped to inspire this layout with her free pattern for her "Chunky Churn Dash," on her fabulous website, Quiltville's Quips & Snips.

I love the optical illusion of seeming to have been set on point when the alternate block is used.

Barbara Brackman had also suggested this as a possible layout and had shown some great looking antique quilts that have used it.

It was so gratifying to finally be able to see what the quilt will look like!! Wheeee! Thank you, Barbara Brackman! Thank you, Bonnie Hunter!

My setting is 121 blocks, set as eleven by eleven blocks and each block is eight inches square. I chose to use the uneven number so that I could have stars blocks in the corners.

The room is too small to get a very good camera angle on the whole thing at once but I was dying to show it off to my two sisters. The guest room door was kept carefully closed for my big reveal during our Thanksgiving celebration. I got my two sisters to come to see it, but Miss Emma Lynne wanted to zip into the room as I opened the door for them to look into the room! Eeeeek!

No, no, Miss Emma! Come, girl, come! Soon she was out from having "customized" the design a wee bit. She was quite embarrassed to not have been welcomed to lead the way into that closed room, LOL!

Now that all the leftovers are eaten up from Thanksgiving, I have just begun the newest Bonnie K. Hunter mystery quilt called, "Allietare." Thank you, Bonnie, for designing a new quilt for us to share!

I'm struggling with color conflicts because I want to do this quilt in Bonnie's RED!

But I have a commission quilt to do in purple, so I may relent and make this my commission quilt.

Lots more units to make but I'm very pleased to have scratched the surface and to have units that seem to have the right seam allowances, wheeee!

I'm linking up my progress on Bonnie's blog here: Link.

 Happy quilting!


Janet O. said...

I really like the setting for your stars. It is a nice effect to have them appear on point, but not be. : )
Miss Emma must have thought she had a QC job to do on those blocks. She does appear sorry.
Oh, good luck on Bonnie's mystery. My eyes just glaze over when she starts sharing colors and steps. But it is fun to see what everyone else does.

helen said...

This will be again a beautiful quilt! Congratulations!
I always appreciate your links and that when clicking on the pictures
they are really giving a close up (not on many blogs to see which is frustrating...)!
Well, Miss Emma Lynn is doing well being embarrassed! Tsk tsk tsk... :))
Best wishes!

cityquilter grace said...

oh yes red was definitely the way to is gorgeous! and you are doing the mystery? have fun!

Cathy said...

You have outdone yourself! What a beautiful quilt it will soon be. I can see why you were anxious to show it off. Great show! And red was perfect.

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Those reds are perfect! I love that setting too, it really shows off your blocks nicely.

gayle said...

Oh, that red setting for your Time Warp stars is just gorgeous! Love it!
I'm doing Allietare, too. This is my first Bonnie mystery, so I'm interested to see where she's leading us! And in the meantime, oh my goodness, that's a lot of HSTs, eh?

Feathers in my Nest said...

Your stars are Beautiful Vic..wonderful layout, I agree..and you can never go wrong with Red! or Barbara Brackman!
Oh, kisses to Miss EmmaLynn.
I'm so glad you decided to join in on the fun of doing the Mystery..

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Love the setting for your stars...121 blocks they are small...just like our first clue :)

Nann said...

Love the SIATW setting. And aren't the alternate blocks easier as hourglasses than as square-in-a-square? (You and I corresponded about that a couple of years ago.) And I will cheer you on with Allietare, comfortably seated on the fence.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Good idea to combine your commission with the BH Mystery!! A simple substitution will make TWO quilts into ONE. Happy quilting!!!

Saged Crone said...

Love love love the stars!! (and my dog(S) like to 'help' sometimes too! HAPPY QUILTING!

Gayle said...

FABULOUS setting for all your beautiful star blocks! I'll enjoy watching Bonnie's new mystery quilt progress from my computer monitor! LOL

Andee said...

Great quilt setting..I love the look of on point without the work of it too! Mystery is looking good so far!

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