Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sunshine Happenings

Hooray, this time when I went to The Sunshine Club yesterday, I remembered to bring the camera to share the fun with you! Please forgive me for the wrong camera setting that caused a few very dark exposures until I corrected it.
Sue, below, was making more progress on her second Easy Hourglass Quilt from Missouri Star Quilt Company's video. Link.

Beverly, below, was joining blocks into rows for her tee shirt quilt by adding the black sashing.

Dorinda joined us with an amazingly complex applique project that we marveled over.

Marjorie almost has all her pink and black yoyos joined up with hand stitching for her pillow cover!

At home, I had already sewn the prepared binding that I had made and got it nicely attached to my quilt's backside.

I find it very challenging to horse around a big queen sized quilt of 83" square as I am sewing it onto the quilt, but the excitement of a looming finish keeps me motivated!

Now that it is all sewn onto the quilt, I've been doing some of the hand hemming here and there. Can you believe that I have two sides done already?

I did more at the Alton, New Hampshire Senior Center, too!

Another project that I've worked on was getting a couple of sets of tan and calico pillow cases finished in time for Christmas gifts to my sisters.

I'm looking forward to a nice Thanksgiving here with both of them coming for dinner.

My "kid" sister, Lucinda, who is 55, is here via a long bus ride from Connecticut and will stay for a few days. My older sister, Suzanne, is more local, just two towns away from me.

There is so much fun and happiness to make these quilty gifts for my family who treasure them!

Happy quilting!


Janet O. said...

How nice to have your sisters with you for Thanksgiving. Good of you to stitch up the pillowcase gifts, too. : )

gayle said...

You're really flying on that Jacob's ladder.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your sisters! That's wonderful for you all.

Wendy Caton Reed said...

You ladies are amazing. Love to watch you work.

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