Saturday, December 26, 2015

Happy Boxing Day!

Although it's not often celebrated here in the United States, this Boxing Day was 60° and sunny, so my friend Grace and I both enjoyed a good FART! "Fabric Acquisition Road Trip," that is, LOL!

First, we went to Footprints Quilt Shoppe in East Rochester, New Hampshire, where owner, Kelly greeted us and cheered us on to the bins of her best bargains. I think that my glass watch-face put a white spot of reflected sunlight right on her nose, eeek, so sorry, Kelly!

The shop is mostly Civil War and traditional fabrics but boasts a pretty little corner of brights, too.

These are some of the bolts and displays that I drooled over, LOL!

Grace was enchanted by the whole raft of new bolts of Kim Dielh fabrics and bought a ¼ yard of four different ones. Gorgeous!

Of course, I was modeling my newest Christmas tee shirt gift from Husband Wonderful, Felix. It reads, "Fabric Hoarder", and of course, I am one!

Next stop was the fabulous Marden's of Sanford, Maine.

They have a big fabric department in this Sanford store, but not all of the Marden's in the Maine-based chain do sell fabrics.

The aisles of fabrics are arranged by colors.

It's like walking around inside of a rainbow!

My favorite aisle was the reds, but I'll betcha you had already guessed that!

There were no lines at the cutting desk and the service was very friendly and helpful.

Soon we were out the door and on our way. In the above photo, I had found two Jo Morton's for $3.99 per yard each. There is a Maine sales tax that I think is 5%, but with no shipping fees it's a good deal.

Imagine my surprise, when Maureen popped in to my house unexpectedly to leave two bagfuls of quilty Christmas cheer, one from Susan, and one from herself. Thank you, Maureen and Susan!

My holiday turkey looked like this last night, but when Grace and I got back to my house, it's leftovers were soon ready as a turkey and noodle casserole, yum!

Just before Christmas, on Tuesday, The Sunshine Club had met at the Alton, New Hampshire Senior Center. Sue showed her runner top and it's beautiful!

Since her batting got left at home, Sue deferred her quilting to another day and forged ahead on her Red/White/Black, "Easy Hourglass" blocks. These are from the Jenny Doan video on Missouri Star Quilt Company. Link.

Joyce, our newest member, had brought her machine and was doing great while she was making Mile-A-Minute Log Cabin blocks.

Margy joined us, too, with both her pink yoyos and a quick raid to the Log Cabin strip supply box to take home for homework on her Log Cabin blocks.

I sewed on the label for one of my Scrappy Jacob's Ladder quilts, and that one has since been mailed off to my beloved nephew in San Diego, California.

As for me, my best gift this year has been the Christmas Eve pick up of my repaired car so that I have wheels again, yeay! Next on my wish list is the fumy furnace to be fixed.

I'm linking up to Monday Making on Love, Laugh, Quilt, Link.

Happy quilting!


Janet O. said...

Good to see you and Grace get out for a road trip together!
Footprints looks like a fun place to visit. Marden's looks like a great place for treasure hunting. : )
Good looking turkey. Didn't do one for Christmas this year--maybe for New Years.

swooze said...

How tall are you Vic? Nice to see you and Grace together again!

gayle said...

Hurray for wheels! But it looks like it would take a lot to keep you down! Glad you got to get out and have all that fun!

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Oh what a great time you must have had with Grace. Filling my fabric shelves is my favorite pastime! Hope your New Year will be filled with quilts and fabric!

Bonnie said...

Wow! What fun to do some stash enhancement activity at the end of the year! Enjoy your finds!

Kate said...

Looks like you had a very fun road trip. Happy stitching this week.

beth s said...

What a fun roadtrip and shopping spree!

MartiDIY said...

What a great road trip. That Marden's looks like fun. Rows of every color! Fun!

Nann said...

So glad you and Grace got together! Looks as though you had a grand time.

Feathers in my Nest said...

Oh, what fun! 2 of my favorite quilting Gals shopping! Doesn't get better than that..I Love Grace's KD fabrics! and your Jo Morton fabrics!..both wonderful choices...Glad you have wheels again Vic..

Elaine Adair said...

Hey girl, from western Nebraska. Happy New Year - I'm sending this from my reader. Hope it gets to you!

Thanks for your beautiful smile, and good visit. 8-))

Auzzie said...

Hello Victoria,
Your site looks great. I liked the quilt you out together at the Golden Gese I bought the book on line at Amazon.

Hugs, Maureen

Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.
Eleanor Roosevelt

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