Monday, December 21, 2015

Happy Winter Solstice!

The sun has already set on the shortest day of the year! We celebrated the penultimate sacrifice that comes of having successfully trapped the field mouse who has been raiding my cupboards, YEAY!!!

The little bugger really made me mad when he chewed through my brand new plastic salad-oil bottle.
The resulting leak oozed canola oil all over the cupboard floor and then down onto my countertop. Sheesh, what a mess! I won't show you the picture of a dead mouse, but I'm glad he's gone!

I had talked before about Felix's Aunt Lucy, who passed away earlier this year at 96 years old. She left us two quilts and this one is the second one. It was photographed earlier this fall.

This quilt was made with no pattern, no quilt guild, and no quilt shop quality fabrics.

It was designed and made by Aunt Lucy using worn out cotton sheets.

It is all machine stitched applique and it is crudely done by today's genteel standards. But it has a rustic charm that I love!

She was determined to do it, and she got it done! She had fun!

All things considered, it lies smoothly and stays pretty flat, too.

I'm terrified to wash it, but I might swish it in the bathtub next summer when I can let it air-dry.

I intend to label it carefully. It is a lovely legacy!

Happy quilting!


cityquilter grace said...

a true vintage heirloom....

gayle said...

Now that's a quilt with character! Good for Aunt Lucy - and what a grand legacy. Enjoy!
(It's been a week for mice, hasn't it? Rotten little beasties!)

Nann said...

I love Aunt Lucy's quilt! You are so fortunate to have it.

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