Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Little Stash Enhancement Music, Please, Maestro!

Okay, so I owe you a blog post after my April Fool's Day Cop-Out of a written post, LOL!

Thursday, I volunteered to chauffeur, Husband Wonderful, my Felix, to his Rochester, New Hampshire dentist appointment. Hee hee! That was so that I could sneak in a quick visit to see Kelly Jerome at her Footprints Quilt Shoppe in East Rochester, New Hampshire, right near the Maine border. I had a ball!

The displays of neutral Civil War reproductions always make me drool and this trip was no exception!

This tiny shop is crammed with great fabrics and I always enjoy myself here!

Although I didn't take home any cut-from-the-bolt yardage, these forays do give me my wonderful scrappy variety. My 60-block deep stockpile of all-neutral scrappy strings is growing, but I keep changing my plan and making it bigger.

Additionally, I'm loving my progress on those eight inch Jewel Box blocks, too.

I made so many of them that I (gasp) actually ran out of my HST's components and had to make some more! Here are a stack of them ready to rock 'n' roll through the machine as chain piecing. Wheee!

Tuesday, I made it in to my bee where we were all rollicking up some red focus-fabric string blocks.
Praise the Lord and pass the Chocolate!!

Even camera-shy Sue, below, made one for us!

Joyce, below, had a lovely bunch of them that she'd made at home all week and brought them in to us for the raffle quilt.

Spring is a temperature roller-coaster here in New Hampshire, but my tiny Russian puschkinia bulbs opened up and cheered me.

Snow and frigid cold weather is in the forecast, so I harvested a few of my early Mount Hood daffodils for in the house.

Then on Friday, at The Golden Gese Quilt Shop, on 22 Liberty Street in Concord, New Hampshire, I couldn't help myself from eyeballing the gorgeous gondola baskets of Fat Quarters for $2.75 each.

It is such fun to gaze at them all! Aren't they pretty?

Back at home, I did finally get the newly quilted Midnight Blues trimmed of its excess backing and batting, so now it is awaiting its binding.

While I was at the Gese, I did get the binding all prepared and pressed. The fabric is an out-of-print Minick & Simpson called Independence Trail. It's nice but it's blue.

While at the Golden Gese, I was able to snap a quick picture of Marianne, above, pressing her pretty batiks top of Missouri Star Quilt Company's, "Summer In The Park."Free Video Link.

Claire, below, was there, too, with her marvelous bagful of pretty scraps. Whatcha doing, Claire?

Ah hah! It's a scrappy Tumblers in progress! Say, that's looking beautiful!

Claire's daughter, "lil Claire" was working on machine blanket-stitching all around her fusible applique salamanders.

Just look at all those tight curves to negotiate! Yikes, that's got to be carefully done.

But then, Claire spoke up and showed me her dinosaurs that are done the same way as the salamanders.

Whoohoo, now that's a lot of adorable dinosaurs!!! She's making a total of twenty of them and they are terrific!

There were a few newly-added additions to the sale corner, and also some full-priced pretties that I couldn't resist, so here below is my stash enhancement loot. Pretty low-volume colors for a red person, I'd say, wouldn't you agree?

 Miss Tanner wishes to interrupt me briefly to say a special "Thank you" to Ila, who lovingly sent the heated cat bed to the outdoors-only garage kitties. Thank you, Ila in Illinois!!!

Mr. Tipper and Miss Emma Lynne (my lady lab) enjoyed a brief walk around the as-yet-unopened daffys.

Happy quilting!


Janet O. said...

Always so much going on in your quilting world. : )
Love those tiny flowers in the grass.
And aren't those dinosaurs cute?

cityquilter grace said...

nice new fabrics vic...and i do love that blues i have a senior center quilty group too! still haven't tried that machine applique but absolutely gotta!

gayle said...

That was some pretty fine stash enhancement you did there! (Now you just have to talk Felix into a second dentist - in Center Harbor so you can visit the Mothership...)
So many pretty things to look at, between you and your friends it's almost overwhelming!
I'm looking forward to seeing all those string blocks come together. 8)

Nann said...

Whew! I need to catch my breath after reading your update! Enjoy your new fabric -- I'm curious about the 60+ neutral strings blocks. Our daffs are getting ready to bloom. End of the week, maybe.

donnaleeq said...

I love the dinosaur blocks. My grandsons would love them in a quilt.

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