Saturday, April 30, 2016

Midnight Blues

Tuesday was not wonderful. There was rain, snow, sleet.

Only Sue and I made it in to sew at The Alton, New Hampshire Senior Center. Here she is working on her granddaughter's sleeves project.

I hand hemmed on Matthew's "Midnight Blues" quilt until my hand cramped and I could do no more.

But by Wednesday, the sun came to melt away the nonsense and bring us cheer!

I was able to get the binding finished on my quilt, Midnight Blues, although there is no label yet.

The quilt was begun in June of last year and I'm thrilled with this Kim Brackett design that I adapted to become a queen sized quilt. Her pattern is in her book, "Scrap Basket Surprises."

The blues were difficult for me to work on as they always put me in touch with my sadness, but it was what Matthew chose.

Seeing all the blues glowing in the glorious sunshine they look great to me now.

There are 36 large 12" blocks made of four quadrants each. Those 36 blocks are surrounded by an inner border, and then a piano key border.

I used a very dark blue flannel in a wide backing.

The fabrics are all Civil War reproductions with just a few traditional Civil War wanna-bees thrown in here and there.

The batting is Warm & White by the Warm Company and I quilted this myself in Hearts & Vines on a rented longarm.

There was one fabric that perhaps I "shouldn't" have used. It is a neutral but it "reads" as a red. It gives the quilt little pops of red. Since I am a red person more than blue, I left it in, LOL!

All  in all, I'm very happy with Midnight Blues!

The quilt taught me to work through the sadness to get to the other side where the sun shines.

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Happy quilting!


Needled Mom said...

You did a beautiful job with your blues. I like the "reds" that you included.

Janet O. said...

A glorious finish! And those little pops of red are a nice touch--helps us remember that there is hope even in the "blue" times.
What a gift you have offered here, especially since this long-term project has been a challenge for you emotionally. You have truly given of yourself!

judyquilts said...

Beautiful quilt! Love the little red additions.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Midnight Blues is wonderful... the little pops of "red" is happiness and joy shining through, they were meant to be. Beautiful finish, my friend!

gayle said...

Love those little pops of red - they add a bit of twinkle to all that blue!
Beautiful finish to a beautiful quilt!

Nann said...

Vic, it looks simply grand. Good for you to push through to a sunny finish. (And I like the little Vic-red accents.)

Kate said...

Congrats on a beautiful finish!

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