Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Stringing Along

We had great fun at the Alton, New Hampshire Senior Center where The Sunshine Quilter's Club meets for our Bee every Tuesday.

Our group project has been to share some scrappy strips and to make some "Scrappy String Blocks", all with a unifying red strip diagonally in the center of each block. We were gleefully counting them!

Sue, on the left, and Joyce, on the right, determined that we now have 41 of the 48 blocks we needed!
YEAY!!!!! Almost there!

Do you recall Diane's lovely batik top from a couple of episodes back? Here it is to remind you:

Well, at my suggestion, Diane took her top to Linda Monasky's Bear Paw Gallery, in Alton, New Hampshire, to have it quilted. Link.

Diane had her top back and quilted inside of five days!! Good going, on the quilting, Linda! She can't always promise a turn-around that is that fast, but this time all the stars were aligned. Can you see how smooth and even the quilting is?

Even the back looks lovely!

Bev was diligently updating her counted cross stitch patterns in spite of some very painful twinges in a pinched nerve in her neck. The antique fire trucks design is awesome!

As for me, I wore my funny newest Tee shirt that reads, "Chocolate is the answer to all questions."
Matthew's quilt, Midnight Blues is now officially at the halfway point of the hand hemming, hooray!

Felix made me a special treat for my supper. If you absolutely hate cooked liver, then you should quickly close your eyes, stick your fingers into your ears, and run away babbling monkey noises right away!

The pound of bacon and the two pounds of fresh chicken livers dredged through whole wheat bread crumbs, were lightly cooked in the same deep wok, but separately, with the bacon first, then it was set aside to drain. Yellow summer squash was lightly steamed for the perfect counterpart. I ate myself silly!

Later, I even made another four string blocks for the stack!

Hope you made some progress on your goals and had some fun while doing it!

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Happy quilting!


Janet O. said...

The batik quilt turned out very pretty.
I love your new t-shirt. So you!! : )
Liver isn't my favorite thing in the world, but I didn't run away--the bacon looked too good! *LOL*

gayle said...

I would eat cardboard if you fried it up with bacon... 8)
Such a beautiful batik quilt! And looks like you'll be assembling those string blocks in no time. Can't wait to see!

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Looks like your bee is a lot of fun!

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