Saturday, May 21, 2016

Full Moon Progress

Wow, the full moon was just beautiful rising in the twilight sky last night, but I have no pictures of it. Instead, I'd like to share my progress on my Easy Hourglass quilt top made from Missouri Star Quilt Company's free video. Link.

These pictures were taken in the new big room of the Alton, New Hampshire, Senior Center. They show that my blocks had been sewn into 9 rows of 9 blocks each.

The fabrics are from a layer cake called "Edith" by Mary Koval for Windham, and I hand cut the plain tan into 10" squares for the background.

Soon I had the rows sewn together for a top, but I will tell you that I took my time to match up the blocks. It took me over an hour and a half to do it! Here is the unquilted top all sewn but not pressed yet.

The blocks are about 10" finished, so the top is 80" square. I struggled with the repetitiveness of this quilt's making and set it aside several times throughout this past winter.

At the Center, Sue was still sewing her grandaughter's "Hip Clips" that she sells on the internet as a fashion accessory.

Marjory worked on her Yo-yo Pillow top in pink while I strewed Hersey's Milk Chocolate Classic Nuggets about on the work table.

Marge also made some decisions about just how she'd like to do her Log Cabin Pillows. Should she go with the lights turned inward towards the center?

Or is it better with the darks turned inward? With 16 blocks made, she could do both; one on the front of the pillow, and the other way on the back of the pillow!

Back at my house, I made a few more Jewel Box blocks.

As I made them, I discovered that I was running low on the 4½" unfinished HST units, and cut some of those to sew.

My very dear neighbor, Ilse, visited me and, to my delight, she brought me four blooming Forget Me Not plants from her gardens! Thank you, thank you!

These are so dainty and pretty!

Miss Emma took a walk with her kitty friend, Mr. Tipper. They both like to nibble at the tips of the lush new spring grass. You'd think that they were cows grazing, LOL!

Miss Tanner liked to just sit quietly and watch them being silly together.

Happy quilting!


gayle said...

I love how you leave a trail of chocolate wherever you go! 8)
Lovely projects going on, as always! And those forget-me-nots are such a sweet little flower! Enjoy!

Cathy said...

Ooooolala! I just love your hourglass quilt...just look at all those nice points. I have a smaller hourglass that will probably stay a UFO forever because I need to rip it apart and be more careful with matching points. I HATE ripping but maybe will do some of that next year when I'm retired and have more time and be too poor to buy fabric.

Those Jewel Box blocks look like Jacob's Ladder blocks.

Wish I was there to join in all your fun and to eat chocolate.

Feathers in my Nest said...

Oh, I'm grateful for the pets pictures..Thank you...The cats turned out quite're such a good Momma...Yes, I noticed the full moon tonight too! I Love looking at it.


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